Review: Marty (1955)


I am this man, in more ways than I can count I am this man!

Screenplay By: Paddy Chayefsky
Directed By: Delbert Mann

Marty is not a complex film, either in narrative or structure. What Marty is however is a very powerful film, both in narrative and structure. As I watched Marty I was consistently struck with the fact that it is very much the antithesis to Annie Hall. That movie was the story of a man who has it all, can get the girl, but loses it all because of his inability to overcome his insecurities. Marty is the story of a man who has nothing, wants for everything, can’t get the girl, finally does and then overcomes his insecurities to make sure he keeps the girl and remains happy. Both are great movies, but both tackle similar subject matter in far different fashion, and at the end of the day I prefer Marty just a tad more because of its frankness and its innate ability to connect with me.

I am not what would be defined as a good looking man, either in the looks or physique department. I am decidedly plain, and am a bit of a plugger, someone who gets the job done but doesn’t necessarily do so in the most flourishing of fashions. As I said, in more ways than I can count I am Marty, and that is why this movie is able to resonate with me to my very center. I’ve dealt with the years of heartbreak, the failures, the rejections, the dream woman that I know I’ll never get because I’m not good looking enough, or worst of all the girl you grow to love who will inevitably pick someone else over you. I am a man who has many insecurities, but I believe that when the curtain closes I am, just like Marty, a good man. A movie like Marty fills me with hope because it allows me to believe that there is someone out there for me, that one day I will find that other person. Admittedly it is much harder today in a world where communication is as low as it has ever been and there are more social barriers than in the past. But, I watch Marty and I think that if one plain butcher can find happiness then maybe one plain writer/fighter/many other things can find happiness as well.

Going beyond emotional resonance, Marty was a well crafted film full of a bluntness in storytelling that isn’t often found in Hollywood. Movies frequently love to dance around the issue, but not Marty, it lays every issue out for all to see in the clear of day. The direction helps in this, because it stays confined and plain, so that the plain nature of Marty the person and of the settings he lives in are on full display for the audience. The same is true of the music, it is highly unremarkable, but that is the tone that Marty must have because that sense of plainness is what Marty the person carries around with him at all times.

Ernest Borgnine is an actor that has never at any point in his career stood out, but in Marty he stands out by not standing out. He doesn’t inject Marty with any unnecessary attributes or try to spruce up the character, he allows him to be normal, to be the plain loser and the man who never gets the girl. Betsy Blair is also quiet as his love interest, Clara, you see the same plainness, the same dreams destroyed and desires never taken shape in her as you do in Marty. The moment the two meet you know they are meant to be together, but the question is whether they will overcome their own handicaps or succumb to the insecurities that have plagued them all their lives.

The ending of Marty is a bit abrupt, and it does seem as if the storyline with mother and sister is never finalized. However, I felt that the storyline with mother and sister wasn’t finalized for a reason, because they are entrenched in those feelings, they aren’t going to go away. Marty’s mother and her sister will be old maids because they can’t let go of their children, they don’t want to change their roles in life, so going further with that story would have been dishonest to the characters. The ending couldn’t have come at a better time, because for the issues presented and faced that phone call was as far as the Marty and Clara relationship needed to go at that point. Maybe Marty and Clara will live happily ever after, or maybe they will succumb to the new set of problems that a relationship presents, but those problems and issues were not the ones being addressed in this film.

Maybe one day I will find the woman for me, get married, be happy. Who knows, anything is possible and a movie like Marty allows people to see that it is possible. It’s amazing how a movie that does everything it can to try and hide in the crowd and not stand out ends up standing out more than the rest. Marty is a fantastic gem of a movie and an overlooked classic, if you are looking for a different look at love and relationships then I’d certainly recommend giving Marty a look.




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  1. fantastic review of an gr8 movie,it won both oscar and cannes so it surely touched a core with ppl and hats off to ur honedty also

  2. Hi Bill
    What a fantastic and succintly put review that was. I have just watched this for the very first time earlier on. I’d always wanted to see this at some point being not just a big fan of low key realistic human dramas, but as someone who has been and is plagued with the insecurities of being lovelorn and having mostly very little in the way of luck with women (despite not being overweight or particularly ‘plain’) as you say, it too resonated strongly with me. Borgnine’s performance absolutely deserved that Oscar as did the fantastic subtle performance of Betsy Blair as the plain Jane, Clara. And whilst it does appear a little stagey and dated at times, I still think it stands up well as most older good/great films tend to do.

    A film that has something to say about the ‘little people’ who so often get overlooked in the grand scheme of things, it has fantastic dialogue as well as performances and some of the scenes here such as Marty’s overly excited babbling to Clara when they leave the dance or that poignant shot of him sitting with his back turned after unsucessfully trying to kiss her back at his house, tugged at my heartstrings to say the least. I felt such empathy with the emotional struggles of these two lonely people who are at once both elated in their own way to have found each other after what seemed initially such a disastrous evenng at first and then decidedly awkward and hesistant at where all this could be leading too. And the shot of Blair’s tear-stained face as she dejectedly watches television with her parents whilst waiting/hoping for Marty to ring her as promised is something that even now as I type, near makes me well up in it’s matter-of-fact manner of portraying that painful feeling of being in such a position (of which I have been and similar)

    I would like to think that anyone can pretty much relate to that scene on some level and even if they couldn’t, would have to be the most jaded folk in the world not to at least feel for those characters. I also agree with the abrupt ending to some extent, but I think it’s just more the case that I so desperately wanted to see those two end up in each other’s arms and to have that kiss that usually signals the promise of the story’s romantic protaganists finally cementing their blossoming love as well as satisfying the audience with its conclusion.

    A review I read on this film said something along the lines of that you don’t realise how quietly but powerfully affecting this film is until it nears it’s conclusion. I would pretty much concur with that statement, although I have to say, I pretty much decided that not long after the start when Marty suddenly flares up at the dinner table against his mother when he visibly lets down the veneer of carefully built up nonchalance at being left on the shelf his whole life. Borgnine’s pained expression and dramatic gestures are just one of the things that make this seemingly unremarkable on the surface little film stand out as something much more about how each of us no matter what our looks or standing in life, all yearn to love and be loved and to find our place in the world.

    And to this reviewer and to anyone else reading this who are just like the titular character in more ways than one; I say all the best luck to you in the world at finding that special someone that will hopefully make your life complete. Because I think films like “Marty” genuinely reinforce my belief that there IS someone out there for everyone, no matter who you are, what you look like and whatever assumptions you have that love won’t find you…

  3. Rahul – Thanks for the kind thoughts.

    Steve – Thanks for the rather hefty comment, I wish I had more to add in return, but I think you pretty much hit every point I could think of bring up, so thanks. 🙂

  4. Hey your welcome, my friend; I kind of went off on one it was gone 3am and being the introspective sort I am (and I like to type) plus that film’s immediate effect on me, well…….I guess I couldn’t help it.

    Anyways, I didn’t and couldn’t do this nearly as much justice as your superbly written piece. I’ve always wanted to write reviews, I am a huge movie lover and I love writing. Might have to ask you for some pointers!

    I’ve added this site onto my bookmarks as I’d like to read some more reviews (I came across this link whilst typing “marty review” in Google)

    All the best for now

  5. Well, thanks for reading, and hopefully you’ll dig some of my other reviews. 🙂

  6. Becky Poulin

    As a 52 yr. old woman who has just seem Marty for the first time, I commend you both on your reviews…well done! This movie is probably one of the BEST movies I’ve ever seen, I’m a hopeless romantic & this movie is romantic to its core! Love it!

  7. Thank you kindly. 🙂 Marty is a movie that any hopeless romantic should connect with, I know I did. 🙂

  8. @Becky Aww, thank you so much; that was a nice little thing to read in my email. I had almost forgotten I had made that review on here, but I was so compelled to after reading Bill’s excellent piece plus my own sheer joy at having watched the film (I’ve subsequently watched it about 4 or 5 times since, so yeah, it’s one of my all time faves now).

    TC for now you two 🙂

  9. Steve, it’s nice to hear how much more you have grown to like Marty. 🙂

  10. Becky Poulin

    Hey Guys, I’m back for a few more comments! First I’m not pretty, but was considered cute, so I never had trouble w/ dating.I married a handsome Canadian Frenchman, 30 yrs. ago. While I’m different than Clara, I share her comman sense about how a man should treat her, when he grabs for her like he might grab some other women he’s been w/, she will have none of that! I knew how she felt to be grabbed unwantedly, it had to be in a gentle way that Marty would woo her. I loved that whole scene.I think she realized how much she wanted to kiss him, and thus allowed him that first kiss. I simply adored the whole scene of her relating to her parents of her date, it was priceless to see her sheer happiness in finding Marty. I can relate to all that, only I had friends to share my first thoughts about my dates. Thats where her age comes in, as probably most of her highschool friends were long ago married, thus she turns to her parents to express herself. She was so sweet in the entire scene! Also, when Marty is introducing her to Anjie, she makes the cutest face at Marty, you can see how much she likes him in that one glance, I wonder if she practiced that look? She is quite pretty. For my last thought, I think they used lighting to make her look less pretty, like when Marty tells her he likes her face, the lights seem to glare on her, making her all washed out, other scenes are darker lit, as when she tells him she wants to see him again, she is very pretty. The same can be said of all of us too…I look much better in dim light, hahahaha Ok wait, one more thing! I’m really impressed that you two guys can like a movie like this, I mean my husband would NEVER watch Marty, he hates sentimental stuff of any sort! When I made him watch Warhorse( which I LOVED) he moaned & fussed so much I stopped the movie! I always watch the good stuff when he goes to bed, as in old movies, thus its how I found Marty! You two really must be very kindhearted like Marty, your thoughts on the movie where about the same as mine! I will not judge all men by my husband ever again! I wish you both to keep looking for that Clara cuz she’s out there…unless you alre
    ady found her!! Night guys, will enjoy any comments you have on my post!

  11. Hmmm, about the only thing I can add to your excellent thoughts Becky, is that I did in fact find my Clara and am now a very happily married man. 🙂

  12. Hi guys; wow, again I am taken aback here. Becky, that has to be one of the most sincerely nicest things I’ve ever read about me@what you wrote. I am sure Bill must also be taken aback too. What a truly lovely thing to say. I am a bit emotional at the moment but it’s not because of this; it’s more personal problems I have going on. The biggest one being clinical depression. So reading or hearing ANYTHING even remotely positive, just makes me feel (albeit temporarily) a little less ‘jaded’ with life. I do have my reasons so it’s not just me being all Emo here.

    But getting back onto the subject in hand, there are plenty of us ‘Marty’s’ out there. It’s just like the titular character of the movie, we don’t often ever get the chance to shine like we should do. Something you mentioned about a scene with Clara telling her parents made me think because in the version that I have, such a scene doesn’t exist. After their date, you simply see Clara climb the stairs and you don’t see her again until that scene near the end where she is watching television with her parents and silently crying. Now if memory serves me correctly here, I am sure I read somewhere at some point, that there is either a version of the film that has such a scene like what you mentioned in it OR that it was cut out of the film and perhaps only in a TV version or something like this? If it is the latter (or even the former), I will have to get hold of that version because it sounds like an integral scene and more to the point, a joyous one as we then get to see the elation that both Clara and Marty feel after finding each other in such an unexpected way.

    And I also totally agree with you@your argument with the lighting. I think Betsy Blair is an attractive woman indeed. In certain scenes, especially when you first see her arrive at that dance club, I think she looks lovely. They just seem to ‘plain her up’ in certain shots, but I guess that’s kind of the point. It certainly doesn’t detract from the film one iota. As I type this, I just have that scene of Marty tentatively following Clara outside onto the rooftop and timidly asking her if she would like to dance. That scene in particular really had me on the verge there and it does even now thinking about it. Especially as I thought I had finally found my own ‘Clara’ recently but it appears that I am once again, merely deluding myself and that I am at ‘best’ only ever going to be the friend, if that, despite me….well, that’s for maybe another post and another time. It’s just one more thing that is unfortunately dwelling inside my mind and heart and I could REALLY do without anymore emotional upheavals….

    Just on a last note here@Bill – any chance you could tell both Becca and myself (and indeed anyone else who should be reading this page) how you came to find your own happy ending there? I know I for one would love to hear it!

    TC for now you two

  13. Becky Poulin

    Hi Bill, i was so happy to hear you found your Clara, & I like Steve, would like to hear the story if your so inclined! For instance I met John at a pit party in the hicks of Maine! Hahahahaha as if…I would never believe it if I were to meet John & I today as we are completely different from our younger selves. Please Bill dont tell me you met her at a pit party or I’ll die!hahaha
    Steve, I feel compassion for you & your trouble in finding your Clara. Plus depression is a strong thing to get thru. When I get sad I try to not allow myself to even think about what gets me down. I force myself to remember good things, like how smart my mom was & funny things I’ve done, or think about people I just love to be w/, or About Abe Lincoln!!! He suffered from depression & so much was on his shoulders, it makes my problems quite small. I also do believe a guy w/ as much heart as you is surely destined to find a good woman. I cant tell you how, but you must” hold your head up” as the song says. Women today I feel are so less kind than they used to be, but then there are the Claras who feel as you do!
    As for the scene w/ her parents, I read a thing about dvds that people have bought that leave the whole scene out, which you must have . I taped my movie from Turner Classic Movie channel a few weeks ago, so check it out as they show the same movies over lots & you can get this version. To me its a real important part! That girl is madly in love w/ Marty, thats what I take from it. Her Dad is sweet too, I never had a Dad & I am sad over that when I see how special a dads love is…I wish I could of had a father, now Steve I’m gonna cry! Ok hold my head up! Back to my point, she rambles on in her sweet voice & giggles, and gushes out how much fun she had…Steve you gotta see it & let me know your thoughts! Tomorrow night my youngest daughter is coming over & shes gonna meet Marty & Clara! Micheale ( yes a girl w/ a boys name) is like me & will fall in love with this movie too & boy will she cry when she sees Clara crying on the couch! The first time she saw Psyco(sp), I watched her face as the end came & the cellar scene happened w/ the dead old lady in the chair, hahahaha she was so shocked & I laughed at her sheer surprise….ah memories! Well I gotta go have a snack! tell we meet again, goodnight! P.S. I liked you calling me Becca!

  14. Hi again ‘Becky/Becca’ (sorry, I actually thought your name was Becca as I ermm didn’t check properly :s

    Just a quick message here; first off, thanks for the encouraging words as far as my depression etc goes. You are absolutely correct I think in saying what I’ve said to myself for quite some time now@ ‘women being far less kind these days’. I guess it’s a universal thing as I am from the UK and I can safely attest to this being a complete truism over here, certainly as far as I’m concerned 😦

    I knew I was right on there being another version, I remember reading it somewhere as I said above. As I was reading your description, the whole scene was playing out in my head and it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever as to why that scene has been omitted from what appears to be every print of this film except the TV version??!! That scene, even just thinking about it, makes the impact of that film even more potent because we as the audience already know of Marty’s supreme elation over the date and the night before; we see him whistling while getting ready and striding through the house, his almost stream of conscious rambling to both his mother and his brother as they are getting ready for mass etc. Yet we see nothing of Clara’s joy or of telling her parents about Marty, just as I said earlier, the shot of her sitting on the couch watching television with tears in her eyes. It’s so annoying that this scene has been removed!!! I don’t know where I can ever find a TV version of this; the only way would be to hope I come across some link some day., perhaps?

    Come on Warner Brothers or whoever the distributors are of this marvelous movie – RELEASE THE FULL VERSION OF “MARTY” ALREADY!!

    Bye for now x

  15. P.S. I am sorry to read about you not having a father. I am lucky enough to have a great dad and unfortunately he is ill so I do try to make whatever time I/we have left count.

    (hug) x

  16. Becky Poulin

    Steve, Just a quick note as I’m off to work today, I’ll write more soon. Thanks for caring about me being fatherless, the older I get the more it makes me sad. My mom died 3 yrs ago of cancer & the whole ordeal broke my heart…she was cool, smart about everything & gave me a love of history which I treasure,BTW I love British history also! Do spend as much time w/ your dad as you can, I dont know his age, but hopefully he recovers & you have many more yrs w/ him. Have a nice day, its beautiful here today! The Beckster

  17. Steve, and Becky- There’s honestly not much to how I met my wife. We met online, talked for a few months, finally went on a date, and a year later we were married. I gained a wife, and a daughter from our meeting online, and I’m a much happier guy now as a result.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

  18. Yayyyyyyyyy! That’s how I always envisioned it for me@online. I met someone last year who I saw for a few months but it didn’t really work out in the end. 10 years ago, I ‘met’ who I thought was my soul mate online; same birthday., same interests, she was beautiful, kind, intelligent……and ill. She had a blood disorder of some kind and it meant we couldn’t meet up while she was so ill. So we talked over the phone and over our computers for 10 months, traded pictures (yes they were real). I’m going to cut a fairly long and rather painful story short; I didn’t hear from her for weeks and when I did she was quiet, almost stand-offish and distant. She then sent me an email saying that she had been proposed to by her long time male best friend who was in love with her and I guess she him too. Now here’s the thing also; she asked me to marry her at some point not long before she stopped talking to me. As much as I wanted to shout “YES! Oh God yes!” down the phone to her, I knew in my heart that I wasn’t ready, I had too many problems going on (this is where I first got my Depression) and to top it all off, we hadn’t met in person yet. I told her many times that I wanted to come up to see her and her family, but she just wasn’t up to seeing anybody while she was recovering.

    Anyways, to answer any doubts you might well have as to the authenticity of her story – yes she really was ill as I found out later. She is the head of a small local charity for people with the same kind of illness she had and has done charity work for Cancer patients too. I looked for her on Facebook a couple of years ago and she was on there. I added her and said I’d still like to be friends as much as possible. She seemed to half-heartedly agree, but then not long after she deleted me. I guess it was too awkward and to be honest, I think it was for the best. I’ve given here the short version of it all, but suffice to say, I was absolutely heartbroken and I still am over it to a lesser extent 10 years on. I have never had much in the way of luck with women, only had 4 g/f’s in my nearly 38 years and two of those were before I was even a teenager. I do believe that there is someone out there for everyone, in fact there are more than one person(s), by sheer logistics there just HAS to be. But I’ve never came close before or since to finding anyone like ‘her’. Whether I will again remains to be seen but I’m not that hopeful anymore.

    But I don’t want this to be a downer post believe it or not, I just felt like explaining a bit about my side of things. As for you@Bill, again, it really does warm my heart to read about you finally meeting your other half AND being a father too! 🙂 I bet there isn’t a day goes by that you don’t tell yourself that your a very lucky man. And you clearly deserve it too. Same with you@Becky.

    And before anyone pipes up with a suggestion of trying online dating sites; I have been on around 12 so far, am currently on about 7 now I think and have been for years with no joy on those either. C’est la vie, eh?

    Anyways, that’s enough heart-tuggin’ melodrama from your Uncle Steve – bye for now 🙂

  19. Becky Poulin

    Hey guys, First Bill, I’m glad your so happy, and meeting on line is happening so much now. I hope your good to your wife and new daughter, be kind to them, esp the little girl! Girls who get treated good grow up to treat the men in their lives good. I know you dont need advice from me tho on how to treat a woman…as I’ve said any man who can like a movie like Marty has a leg up on life! I just think of how much I wanted my mom to get married so I could have a dad, that its important to me.
    Steve, I read w/ sadness your story on your unhappy experience w/ your online girlfriend, its hard to say what makes people tick. I’m sorry you are depressed, and I really understand. I do believe there is someone for everyone, you just havent met her yet! It may be a chance meeting, or online, but however it happens, I think you will get a feeling about it. How about where you work? Maybe the cute girl in your local market, you just never know. Btw have you ever said on your onfo on dating sites about how you love the movie Marty?! I know if I were single & looking & saw a guy who could like a movie as sweet as that is, it would catch my eye…girls want to be loved, it just takes the right girl for you to meet! I will pray for you to meet someone special, it just may do the trick! 🙂
    Steve, I was also wondering what other movies you’ve written about? I’d like to read your thoughts on other movies you’ve seen. You seem very smart, w/ a trusting heart, I think your ideas are interesting.
    My daughter loved Marty also, she loved the dumb friends talking about Micky Spillane(sp), the guy w/ the deep voice & strong accent is wicked funny! Have you seen the kids movie BOLT, I love that movie…just thought if you saw it, it might make you smile, its really fantastic! On that crazy note I’ll say goodnight! Peace out!

  20. Becky, you’re a real tomato if I say so myself *drags on cigarette

    First off, thanks for the tea and sympathy, I do appreciate it. I have had other online/offline disaster stories although thankfully nothing TOO bad or extreme. Just mostly me being led for a royal fool on a merry dance. I haven’t actually mentioned “Marty” in any of my profile descriptions, although I do obviously mention my love of movies as well as music and recently photography (I don’t take pictures I just have a real affinity with looking at them, especially landscape and architecture shots). Google images has never been so useful 🙂

    I am unfortunately out of work and have been now for over a year. Unemployment/the whole global recession BS, is particularly bad over here in the UK, especially where I reside in the midlands 😦 This of course doesn’t help matters ESPECIALLY with my depression and that’s totally understandable I think. I actually have to go and sign on soon, was just reading my emails/job hunting before I go out. As for our local market, well, there is only a tiny one in the small village I live in. Unfortunately, I don’t have any friends around here (most people are over 50 or it’s young teenagers). I am not from around here originally. I moved up nearly 2 years ago when I suffered with psychosis and major depression. A lot of it was through drug use I am ashamed to say, but I had as you know now, undercurrents and long standing issues of depression anyway. Added to that the area I was in was suffocating me in negativity, I was out of work for over 15 months after being made redundant, most of my friends were moved away etc. At least up here living with my parents, it’s a nice area/county for the most part. Plus I get to help look after them as I think I might have mentioned before@my dad being ill, as well as my mum (she has Cancer).

    As for wanting to know if I had written anything else on movies I like, no, afraid not lol. Only thing I’ve done is comment on Youtube videos, some of them could pass for ‘mini reviews’ I guess. I was thinking of going through Bill’s list of films on here and finding another one to comment/review on like “Marty”. I only came across this page because as I think I stated in my first original post on here, I literally typed in ‘marty review’ or something., I’m very glad I did though! It’s been lovely conversing with you and Bill on here, even if the topic might have been slightly hijacked :p

    Ok, that’s all for now as I have to go. Btw, if either of you see or hear about a version of “Marty” that has that deleted scene we were talking about etc, could you let me know please? I know you said that it appears ‘uncut’ on TCM but if there is a DVD with this in, I will gladly buy it.

    Thanks again tc for now x

  21. P.S. No I haven’t seen the movie “Bolt” incidentally, I hear it’s quite good though 🙂

  22. Becky Poulin

    Ok so as if you call me a tomato, I’ve been canning tomatos for 2 days straight, I’ve got soooo many tomatos! I make all sorts of stuff, salsa, spag. sauce, pizza sauce, you name it & I make it! We have a lardge garden & I can much of it, its so nice in the winter to go in my cellar & have most everything I need for a meal! So if you need some tomatos, you can have some!
    Its too bad about not having a job, times are hard & I think they will only get worse…sorry to sound so depressing, but I think a global money crisis is at hand. I live in the U.S., Maine to be exact & times are tough here too. So many people have lost jobs & I dont see an answer, certainly not in our govt., they’re spending us to death! Like G.B. we are also in a mess. Your country has been our friend, I truely admire England, even tho we whooped you guys once!hahahaha sorry…I’m actually of Irish decent, my people came to Maine in 1815…walked down from Quebec! Trust me, its not an easy hike, I would have died!
    I’m glad your helping your parents, as we get older our kids count so much more! Just keep your head up & try to remember that tomorrow may be a day in which your life can change.
    The reason i say to look in your local store, is cuz I work in a store & there are so many people I work w/ much like you. I’ve actually even got a couple married by them meeting at our store, you never know. Of course your store might be full of old ladies…so I guess maybe not! Steve just take care of yourself! Although we only know each other thu here, I feel like your my little brother…. I have 7 brothers, so whats one more! I have 3 sisters too…I’m the youngest & the littlest at just under 5 feet.
    Well I must go to my garden & pick more, you guessed it, tomatos! Hey maybe I’ll do a review of a movie for you…take your pick Warhorse or Bolt….both about animals, and both awesome!!
    P.S> I hope you can overcome your drug problem, hey I did drugs too when i was young, I used to smoke & drink too. I never thought I could quit it all, but I did, I love being straight & in control of my mind. you have a great mind too, I can tell, and you can do all you decide to. gotta go…see you later! 🙂

  23. Interesting stories guys. 🙂

  24. Hi again
    Becky, that ‘tomato’ reference was from “Marty” in particular when that guy is talking about the Mickey Spillane books near the end; I thought I’d reference that as it was one of the last things you mentioned in your previous post…….and you didn’t get it! (at least I think you didn’t) 🙂

    Yeah, I know things are bad in the U.S. too job-wise, this damn thing ain’t called a global recession for nothing, huh? 😦 3 years and counting now. I remember when the whole ‘credit crunch’ fiasco became main news as I was working at the time and we were laying off all our temp staff. My department I worked in dealt with credit card applications so needless to say they sure as hell dried up. For long periods at a time. I ended up being made redundant in Aug 2009. I had been there nearly 4 years and loved the people and atmosphere. Having to walk past my work colleagues and clear out my locker was so upsetting and demoralising I can’t even tell you. That company is no more now as of the last year or so from what I was told by a former friend who I used to sit next to/get lifts to work from. So now they are all struggling to find somewhere. What angers/baffles me is, we were a tiny company that were bought out by a Swiss company called Mailsource, which are this huge company that have Microsoft, BBC and a few big time organisations on board and yet within months we STILL went under. We had come close to losing our place a couple of times before when I worked there, but we still managed to get by.

    Awww, that made me smile@me being your little brother 🙂 That’s cool, I am an only child except for my stepmum’s daughter (who’s 43) but we don’t have anything to do with her anymore. Her choice too. I won’t go into why, I’ll just say that she’s a not very nice person and has cut herself off. Fine with me. And wow, you have a lot of siblings there. don’t you?! I have quite a big family on my dad’s side, lots of cousins, quite a few aunts and uncles. They are spread out around the globe; most live in Barbados where my dad is originally from (I’m half white and British-born), some live in the states mainly Florida, Miami and Chicago (that I know of) and a few live in Canada which I LOVE and have visited twice. If I had my way, I would be over there tomorrow if I could. Alas, trying to immigrate over there AND find or have a job waiting is next to impossible. But it’s the dream someday….

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement as usual. Poor Bill; I bet he never envisioned such a post-hijacking going on lol I’d love to see you review something on here Becky so I say have a look around. I will do as I said before sometime, might treat you all to another rambling post if you’re lucky 🙂

    Bye for now

    P..S. You’re barely 5ft tall you say. Becky?! Awww you’re only lil’! I’m like 6″2 so I’d definitely be a big brother 😉

  25. P.P.S. And I’ve always wanted to visit Maine because I’m a big Stephen King fan so ’nuff said. Plus it looks very nice and picturesque 🙂

  26. Hey Bill, first I want to say I didnt mean to take over here, I mean this is Bills Emporium. Hope your well & your wife is a blessing to you! Do you have any other movies you’ve reviewed? I’d like to read them!
    Hey Steve, yes I knew what you meant by calling me a tomato!! Loved it actually! I really am in a pile of tomatoes tho, lots of work! Been by Steven Kings house, I love how his movies & books are to do w/ Maine. I love The Stand the best, scared to death of Salem’s Lot.
    Well gotta go, my grandsons are here and want Grammy Becky to go play! bye

  27. Hey Becky, this is my site, so every review on here is mine, close to 700 of them I believe. 🙂

  28. Becky Poulin

    Dear Bill, Sorry I’m new to blog sites…I will check out your reviews of other movies once I figure it out! Thanks…btw I read the uncut Marty is on itunes movies, I think Steve wanted to find this version. Have a good night! 🙂

  29. No problem Becky, just pointing you in the right direction. 🙂

  30. YES! Thanks Becky! I’m so pleased to read that. I was hoping to buy the proper DVD (I shall have to investigate to see if there is one available) as it’s one of my favourite films of all time and I do like to collect DVD’s when I can.

    Have a nice weekend you two 🙂

  31. Becky Poulin

    Hey Steve, Been thinking of you & hope your well! Listen instead of using Bill’s space to talk, you can look me up on fb. try to find me ok?! I’m under rebecca ok? See ya!

  32. Wherever you guys keep talking, you’re both cool cats in my book, so good tidings to both of you. 🙂

  33. Thanks Bill, that’s real nice of you to say that. I will try not too go off topic too much lol

    Becky, you’re a real sweetheart and I only wish you was my lil’ sister 🙂 I don’t use Fakebook unfortunately, I sacked that off last year. Can’t be doing with any of those type sites plus I’m somewhat introverted (a lot more now in fact). But by all means if you want to swap emails or something like that, that’s fine by me.

    TC for now you two

  34. No worries steve. 🙂

  35. Hey guys! 🙂

    I was going through my emails deleting stuff and I saw one of the comment notifications on this post so thought I would come and say a big hello and hope you (Bill) and Becky are well and happy new year for 2014 to you all!

    If you guys ever want to stay in touch on Facebook, please do add me as a friend on there:

    Take care for now! 🙂

  36. Hey Steve, hope all is well with you.

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