Review: Short Circuit (1986)


Hey, it’s Wall-E, wait a minute, you’re not Wall-E!

Written By: Brent Maddock & S.S. Wilson
Directed By: John Badham

Short Circuit holds the honor of being one of the first truly tremendously terrible films I witnessed. Short Circuit set off that spark in me that films didn’t have to be great or mediocre, they could be so horrendous that they were awesome. From Fisher Stevens completely racist turn as Ben, to the “hey I hate, no, I love” you romance between Newton and Stephanie, Short Circuit is pure cheesy badness from start to finish. It is actually a funny movie, not only in how bad it is but there are genuinely funny moments that are meant to be funny. Short Circuit has always been a favorite of mine and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

This review will be short and sweet, because honestly, there’s not much to write about Short Circuit. It’s different from say, any Uwe Boll flick in that it doesn’t pile on awful moment after awful moment. Instead Short Circuit is a series of horrendously cheesy events that transpire for some hilarious cinema. Johnny 5 is quite a fun character, snappy and witty. Sure, he is so cute that you want to throw up and the movie is so cliche that your head may freeze in place from the predictability. Despite all that, it is a fun movie and a very enjoyable movie watching experience.

Short Circuit certainly isn’t high cinema, but it isn’t mediocre cinema either. Short Circuit is terribly made, outside of Johnny 5 who is actually quite an achievement, with bad acting, a cliche story and all around cheese. But hey, like I’ve said, it’s fun and we all need some fun and a good movie to laugh at every once in a while.




2 responses to “Review: Short Circuit (1986)

  1. I’ve seen a few clips of this film. While normally I wouldn’t base my entire thoughts on a few clips, but this looks like shite.

  2. Bill Thompson

    It is, but it’s awesome shite in my book!

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