Review: Weird Science (1985)


Personally, if you want to keep on reading my work then I can’t in any way go into what would happen if I could build my dream girl!

Written By: John Hughes
Directed By: John Hughes

I found Weird Science to be a difficult movie to judge, because it is fluff for the most part, but if you think too much about the film it also contains a far too healthy dose of misogyny. Once you discover that misogyny it makes the rest of the movie difficult to take in. Jokes that may have worked now have a certain pallor over them. There’s also a problem with reading into the misogyny too much, because while there is a misogynistic slant to the film, it isn’t this terrorizing monster that was let loose in the room. There is a lot of fun in Weird Science, and you will find yourself laughing at more than a few scenes. That’s what makes Weird Science a difficult film to judge, because it is a fun film that falls prey to societal mishaps too often.

Outside of the misogynistic issue there isn’t much of anything to add to Weird Science. This isn’t a movie that is deep or will be remembered for its acting, CGI, story or even its sexual nature that it alludes to so much, Weird Science is actually quite tame in the sex department. Realistically Weird Science will only be remembered as a nostalgia piece for people who saw the film when it first came out and can attach it to that time and place. I don’t want to get too hung up on the misogyny angle, but that’s really all there is to Weird Science outside of a few fun moments.

There are far better John Hughes films out there and outside of looking at Weird Science as a possible revealing insight into the other side of the man behind such films as The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles there isn’t much reason to see Weird Science. If you are prone to nostalgia then surely Weird Science is a good film for you, but otherwise it’s a speck in the history of film that isn’t worth seeking out, but if you stumble across it maybe you’ll find it more fun than I did.




5 responses to “Review: Weird Science (1985)

  1. Agreed.

    There certainly are far better Hughes films out there. Weird Science is very much full of fluff. I always find it difficult to get into, but I appreciate one thing about it: Hughes used Niles East High for the school scenes, as he did with Sixteen Candles. And I just loved that backdrop.

  2. Cinema – Thanks.

    Hoff – Another problem I’ve had with Weird Science the more I think about it is that it’s too sexist to ultimately be all that funny.

  3. great movie. but if there doing a remake it’s not gonna work out sorry.

  4. The original is no great shakes, so I see a great possibility the remake could be better.

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