Monthly Archives: February 2009

Review: Babe: Pig In The City (1998)


I was once also called a pig in the city, but that was many years and pounds ago!

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Movie Dictator Club: Touching The Void (2003)


My entry in the Movie Dictator Club for the month of February, 2009!

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Review: There Will Be Blood (2007)


Dude, you want my milkshake, you can have my milkshake, I’m okay with that, really!

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Review: Weird Science (1985)


Personally, if you want to keep on reading my work then I can’t in any way go into what would happen if I could build my dream girl!

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Review: Babe (1995)


With this movie I officially lost any hope of ever saying I have man points again, it is the single cutest cinematic endeavor I have ever seen!

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Review: King Of New York (1990)


I am the king of my living room! Well, actually my dog is, but any dog owner can appreciate the reasons for my deference.

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Review: Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985)


Among the many things I love about Pee-wee, dude seriously needs to get all over Dotti, stat!

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Review: Bikur Ha-Tizmoret (The Band’s Visit, 2007)


Words cannot describe how badly I want one of those sky blue uniforms!

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Review: The Killing (1956)


Maurice has to be either a young George “The Animal” Steele or the person George Steele based his persona on!

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Review: The Good Earth (1937)


Nothing quite says China like a bunch of white people!

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