Review: Saw II (2005)


Darn kid wants to keep watching em, so I return!

Written By: Darren Lynn Bousman & Leigh Whannell
Directed By: Darren Lynn Bousman

Why have I returned to the Saw series with Saw II? Unfortunately my roommate’s kid has decided he wants to see all the Saw movies and so I am back, to watch more unmitigated crap. Funny thing is, even he thought this one was crap, but afterward he assured me that we would be watching the next installment, yay me!

Speaking of yay, the two notes I first jotted down for Saw II should fill you in quickly on what we are in store for and what I thought of the film. Up first was, “Yay, torture!” Next came, “Yay, rapid cuts and editing!” If that doesn’t give it away, I hate torture porn and I hate rapid style cuts and editing done just for the sake of giving a film a slicker look. I especially hate that type of editing when it is done badly and it is terrible in Saw II. I won’t get into the torture because I hate it and find it useless, that’s all there is to that.

The acting in Saw II is atrocious, outside of Dina Meyer and Shawnee Smith. They both understand how to act in a horror movie and thus their performances feel honest and are the opposite of Donnie “I’m going to yell a lot and look constipated” Wahlberg. Josh, my roommate’s kid, wants to chime in and let everyone know that the timing and pacing was way off in the film. He never notices that stuff and thinks I’m lame for ever noticing it, so that should tell you how bad it was.

I don’t know why, but the people behind Saw II think their audience is comprised of idiots. The movie is far too obvious throughout and there are too many moments where the characters voice out exactly what we are being shown on screen. I’d like to be given some credit for being alive and therefore having modest intuitive capabilities, thank you very much. Then there is the resolution that tries to tie everything together, but instead leaves me with a splitting headache and almost made me want to stick said throbbing head in an oven.

On the plus side, the pit of needles was inventive and pulled off really well. That’s my plus side, along with Dina Meyer and Shawnee Smith, that’s all I got. It should go without saying, but avoid Saw II, it really is nothing but a waste of time.





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