Review: Love And Death (1975)


It’s time once again for some Woody Allen!

Written By: Woody Allen, Mildred Cram & Donald Ogden Stewart
Directed By: Woody Allen

It’s no secret by this point that I am a fan of Woody Allen. That’s why it was so odd for me that one of my favorite aspects of many of his movies was so badly mishandled in Love And Death. Every time Allen broke the fourth wall it wasn’t funny, he was trying to be funny, but every fourth wall segment failed to register a laugh with me. I believe this was because of the uneven nature of the humor found in Love And Death.

When Love And Death is being sly and witty with its humor, it is a very funny movie. This can be found in any of the intellectual conversations between Allen and Diane Keaton or when the movie uses wit to express its humor. Whenever Love And Death was being subtle with its humor I was laughing, but the opposite was true when it started implementing heavy humor. There were too many instances of obvious, unnecessarily loud or in your face humor in Love And Death. I don’t know why, but in Love And Death none of the attempts at heavy humor were funny. This was obvious from the start but unfortunately the movie kept deviating from the more subtle humor to break the fourth wall or supply some heavy humor. This resulted in a very uneven movie that was just as funny as it was humorless.

Perhaps the biggest misstep in Love And Death was the pacing of the movie, it felt incredibly off. The movie drags throughout, ten minute spans felt like they took forever to complete because of how off the pacing was. Once again, I believe this goes back to the many times the film attempts to shoehorn heavy or fourth wall humor into the picture. That type of humor just wasn’t working in Love And Death, and every time Allen tried to implement said humor it threw the pacing way off.

In the pantheon of great Woody Allen films you won’t find Love And Death. It is a funny movie and one that I did enjoy on the whole. But, too many of the jokes fell flat for my liking and this led to the aforementioned uneven feel of the picture. Woody Allen fans will want to check out Love And Death, but otherwise this is a pure stumble across movie for everyone else.





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  1. shiva ghanbariyan

    Thanks for this review.

  2. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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