Review: Chisum (1970)


What do you know, John Wayne in a Western!

Written By: Andrew J. Fenady
Directed By: Andrew V. McLaglen

There isn’t much to talk about with Chisum. It isn’t a great movie, it’s barely even a good movie, but it has just enough Western elements to make me happy. Chisum falls into the category of one of those films that is hard to write about because it doesn’t give me that much to talk about. It doesn’t give me anything to highly praise or to rip apart. It’s mediocre in a lot of ways, but it’s also fun and that’s always a plus.

It comes down to that for me, a movie doesn’t need to make me think or be high art for me to enjoy it. Chisum is a straight forward story, it’s writing won’t wow you, there are brief flashes of brilliance in the cinematography but they are never sustained. None of the characters are fleshed out and the way the story will go is obvious from the start. But, it’s still fun to watch the action unfold and to take the story in. Chisum doesn’t feel long, the story being told fits its run time. There are moments that feel wrong or forced, but they are few and come across as mediocre rather than downright awful.

I’m straining for what to say because as I previously stated Chisum is a movie that has some qualities to enjoy, but overall is a fun, but forgettable experience. Chisum is the very definition of background movie watching. If you are doing something else it won’t hurt to have Chisum on in the background. If you are a big John Wayne fan then Chisum is a perfectly acceptable movie to take in. Chisum is just that, acceptable, don’t go out of your way to see it, but if you stumble across Chisum it won’t hurt to watch it.





2 responses to “Review: Chisum (1970)

  1. I think CHISUM is highly entertaining and delightful, and s f treat for the whole family.

  2. It may very well be, but it failed to leave much of a mark on me beyond being a decent film.

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