Review: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)


It’s the end of the world, again!

Screenplay By: Roland Emmerich & Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Directed By: Roland Emmerich

I have a thing for end of the world disaster type movies, I will not deny this. No matter how bad they are they at the very least always manage to intrigue me. The Day After Tomorrow is no exception, it is possibly the best disaster movie one could hope for. I’m honest about its status, it isn’t deep, it’s story doesn’t hold up, and so and so on. But, it is from a genre that I happen to like a lot and in the one area where it needs to be great, visual effects, it is great.

All of the family/relationship stuff is heavy handed, but it isn’t outright horrendous. I didn’t develop any deep relationship with these characters, but they existed enough for me to be interested in what was happening to them. The wolves near the end are pretty pointless and to be perfectly honest the film does drag too much in the middle. I actually would have rated The Day After Tomorrow even higher, but that middle section drags on and on.

Why do I like The Day After Tomorrow, he’s a quick checklist,

–The visuals of the storms forming are hella impressive.

–The shots of destruction in Los Angeles are super cool.

–The tidal wave through New York equals awesome!

–New York freezing over is very nice.

–Seeing desolation and ruined landmarks is always cool in my book.

The Day After Tomorrow moves by at an agreeable clip and has what I want most in a natural disaster based movie, impressive visuals of destruction and mayhem. I had a lot of fun watching The Day After Tomorrow, I know it isn’t high theater, but it is quite fun, and from this type of movie that is all I ask for.




4 responses to “Review: The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

  1. I hate M Night Shyamalan. I saw this clip of The Happening a while back and it featured Marky Mark and his gang literally running away from the wind or something. That’s a complete rip off from the scene in The Day After Tomorrow in which the heroes are running away from the frost in that big house. That scene is hysterical.

    Fucking M Night Shyamalan…ripping off the great Roland Emmerich. I can type ‘fuck’ here, right?


    Yeah, I think so.

  2. Bill Thompson

    Fuck man, I don’t know, maybe you can type fuck, how the fuck should I know?

  3. I agree. Big waves, goooodddddd.

  4. Bill Thompson

    Great to hear from you, but where the heck have you been?

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