World War II Marathon: Biruma No Tategoto (The Burmese Harp, 1956)

Burmese Harp

Film #10 in the World War II Marathon!

Written By: Natto Wada
Directed By: Kon Ichikawa

As I sit here typing my review for Biruma No Tategoto I realize a few things. This isn’t really a review, not in any sense of the word. I feel very bad for what I am about to type, and I realize that sometime in the future I need to visit Biruma No Tategoto again. Let me elaborate a little. I can see the craft on display in Biruma No Tategoto, but for some reason I was never engaged by the film. I place the blame on myself, because I knew what I was watching was very good, maybe even great, but for some unknown reason I couldn’t get into a single second of what I was watching.

It’s a shame on my part that this is what I have to type, but I honestly can’t provide any sort of worthwhile insight into Biruma No Tategoto. I don’t know why, but at every turn I found myself unable to connect with this film, and I know that it’s material is good enough that I should have formed that connection. I wish I had more to offer, I really do, but this is the best I can do.

I hope to revisit Biruma No Tategoto in the future and at that time whatever is perplexing my mind should be gone and I will be able to engage the film in the manner it deserves. I can’t recommend or not recommend Biruma No Tategoto (and the rating I give it is based purely on the technical craft on display), all I can do is tell you that I witnessed a well crafted movie, but my mind was elsewhere and thus I can’t put any intellectual thought into said film. At this point all I can say is to experience Biruma No Tategoto for yourself, and if you like it or dislike it maybe I’ll be able to join my voice to yours when I am able to properly take in the Biruma No Tategoto.




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