Review: Office Space (1999)


PC Load Letter… what the fuck is that?

Screenplay By: Mike Judge
Directed By: Mike Judge

I’m going to throw a curveball your way and talk about anger for a second. Office Space is an incredibly angry film, it seethes with anger, it is filled to the brim with impotent people, mostly white men, whose lives are dominated by anger. They have no release for their anger, they sit numbly, while life gives them a good thrashing, and do the only thing they can, build more and more anger. Enter angry hip-hop, the one source that understands their anger and voices their anger. But, even for these people it is only a minor release because they can’t truly let go with their minority driven hip-hop, society says they can’t. Anger drives Office Space, it’s an odd thing to think about, but at its heart Office Space is one of the angriest movies you will ever find.

Now comes the part that you were all expecting, Office Space is a hilarious movie. I know that humor is the most subjective of experiences, but Office Space is the type of funny that hurts. It has big laughs and small laughs, and every kind of laugh in-between. From copiers that don’t work to Nazi flair, Office Space finds humor in every situation it brings forth. It’s equal parts satire and character driven piece, that is why it transcends most comedic efforts, it has something to say while making you laugh.

It’s not easy to describe why Office Space is funny, because in the end all I want to say is, “it’s funny!” As I said above, it’s a character based film, it’s not as dependent on a plot. The humor and the story come in the setting and in these characters. Office Space is a layered comedy, there are moments of quiet subtle humor that build and build until they hit the right note and unleash one of the bigger jokes. Mike Judge has always had a very dry style, and I happen to love dry humor, it’s not surprising that from the moment I first watched it I have loved Office Space in all its dry glory.

I spent a good deal of my time working in or around the corporate workplace, and in that regard Office Space is spot on. The backstabbing, the pettiness, the futility of it all. The corporate world exists to suck the soul of man away, Office Space acknowledges this, but it doesn’t fully give in to the rebellion against the corporate world either. Office Space finds that elusive balance between rallying against the albatross that is corporate life and the need to remain responsible with your life. When Peter rebels he forgets about everyone but himself, and finds that this isn’t the path to a happy life. He is finally happiest when doing something he enjoys, taking responsibility for his life and being a good friend. The corporate world sucks and deserves to die, but don’t forget about the people in your life that matter, because without them life isn’t worth living.

Every time I watch Office Space I love it more and more, it’s a film that gets me. It understands my humor, it understands what I look for in a movie, it’s my sort of movie. If you are a fan of either version of The Office, love humor, work in a corporate setting, or happen to be a human being then you need to see Office Space because you will love it.




3 responses to “Review: Office Space (1999)

  1. ‘Every time I watch Office Space I love it more and more’ – no point in me adding anything. so i wont.

  2. Great movie. Agree with you and Ross both, could watch it a million times and I’d still crack up. Freakin’ jump to conclusions mat. Classic. Good review, man.

  3. Ross – Thanks for the comment.

    Aiden – It is indeed a classic, just watched it again recently and was laughing even more than before.

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