Star Wars Marathon: A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

It’s time for another marathon, a Star Wars Marathon in fact, but I shan’t take this one on all by myself…

For a while now myself and my good friend Edgar over at Between The Seats have been discussing tackling a Star Wars marathon. After numerous setbacks the pieces have finally settled into place and the marathon is set to begin. The way it will work is thus,

1) Each of us will watch a film, we will be watching them in chronological order, ie; Episode, I, II, III and so on, and then write a review of each film.

2) The initial reviews will be written in each individuals standard style, and the first reviews will be published this Sunday, March 07th, 2010.

3) All comments are welcome of course, but the following week will be rebuttal week. What that means is that the week after we write our reviews we will then write up a piece where we discuss any points brought up by the other person in their review that we feel the need to address. Think of it as sort of a point/counter point situation.

4) The schedule should play out with a movie one week, a rebuttal the next, followed by a movie the week after that and then another rebuttal the following week until we have reviewed and taken on each others reviews of all six films.

I’ll be combining the style I use here at Bill’s Movie Emporium with the style I use at The Domain Of Nihilus, and all that means is that you’ll get the same type of critique/dude watching a movie reviews you get on this site and some of the waxing poetic on the intricacies of Star Wars that I employ at The Domain Of Nihilus.

I’m looking forward to this marathon a great deal, and hopefully you are as well. Remember, my reviews/rebuttals can be found at, Bill’s Movie Emporium and The Domain Of Nihilus, while Edgar’s reviews/rebuttals can be found at Between The Seats. Soon, soon the Force will be with you all…


8 responses to “Star Wars Marathon: A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

  1. I look forward to your discussions. You and Edgar’s reviews are always thorough and logical so joining forces for this marathon seems like a great idea!

    Have fun,

  2. Oh dear God. I regret paying to see the prequels though I did kind of like “Revenge of the Sith” in some parts except for Hayden Christensen’s whiny acting. God, that kid is terrible.

    Well, good luck and may the Schwartz be with you.

  3. Noff – Thanks for reading along.

    Void – you know full well that I always liked the prequels, so for you, and many others, I think it will be interesting to read what exactly I liked about them or if I still like them this time around. 🙂

  4. great idea. looking forward to reading it all Bill, although ‘Fun. Great. Meh. Crap. Crap. Crap.’ is enough of a review of these six movies.

  5. Damn, I need to follow suit. Looking forward to it, man.

  6. Looking forward to it as well! 🙂

  7. edgar chaput

    Ah, it looks as though people’s hopes are up. Watch out now…

  8. Ross – I like to elaborate a bit more than that. 🙂

    Aiden – Thanks for following along.

    Dreher – Thanks.

    Edgar – Hope can be dangerous, especially when it comes to us.

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