Move-In Suggestions!

I need your help with something my loyal readers, if I had a bat signal I’d throw it up right now, but I don’t so I can’t, will a dim flashlight barley reaching five feet into the sky suffice?

I don’t talk about my personal life much, if at all, on here and really that’s only because there’s a limited amount of my awesomeness you people can handle! However, I will fill you in on a little tidbit going on in my life as we speak, I am in the middle of moving. The actual move won’t take place for another week or so, and as everyone knows one needs to make sure the first few movies he/she watches in the place christen it nicely.

That’s why I come to you my loyal and scarily dedicated readers for suggestions. I am looking for movies I haven’t reviewed before, but all suggestions are welcome, because sadly I won’t be able to get to every suggestion, if I even get any suggestions. I’m going to pick a few of the suggestions that interest me the most, or in the case of ones I have reviewed before that I know I love and thus know will get the new place started on the right path. If I don’t pick your movie it’s not because I don’t like you or you’re smelly, I may just happen to feel more like watching some other suggestions, or someone with a vagina may have provided a few suggestions and that trump card overrules all else, don’t ya know?

So get cracking with those suggestions, I’m counting on all of you to make sure I have plenty of movies to choose from. You haven’t let me down yet, don’t start now!!!


22 responses to “Move-In Suggestions!

  1. I hope your move-in goes wonderfully, Bill. Here is some vaginal dictation:

    I didn’t see the Three Colors movies on your list. My favorite one is Red, and it’s all about the connections between people, making it a great move-in pick. However, I think it makes the most impact after seeing all the films in order.

    Staying on the happy French train, why not Amélie? Fill your new home with smiles, Bill.

    Another film made of pure joy: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

    The Thin Man would be great to watch at night.

    And I’ll wrap up this list with Hot Fuzz. Because you want that kind of energy in any living place.


  2. First, I had no idea you were a woman, shows you how much I pay attention on the forums, huh?

    I do love all of your suggestions though, and with the exception of Hot Fuzz I haven’t seen any of them, although every one of them have been in my queue for a while now.

    I’m definitely happy with what you suggested, neato keen stuff there, thanks a lot senorita. 🙂

  3. When’s the last time you watched Beetlejuice? It’s about people moving in to a new home and it’s a lot of fun. It might be just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Hmmm, I just watched Beetlejuice a couple of months ago I do believe, so that one may be a little too fresh in my memories of my old place. Sorry Noff 😦

  5. I love the thought that the person using a 7 Brides for 7 Brothers avatar and going by tinyholidays would be a dude.

    I’m glad you liked the suggestions! I hope you get around to all of them, eventually. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the Serious Business movies.

  6. You never know dudette, we have some weird dudes at that place, i should know, I’m one of them.

    Definitely agree on the break from serious movies, that’s why I try to watch a good cross-selection of films. I find that if I ever go too far in one direction, serious/comedic/adventure/whatever, I get drained by what I’m watching and eventually lose the ability to give some of the movies a fair shake, know what I mean?

  7. Another enjoyable movie about moving in is Panic Room. It must be about 10 years old by now, but the last time I watched it it was still a good thriller.

  8. That would be the one by Fincher, correct?

  9. The Shining!

    “Wendy, I’m home!”

    Okay, maybe not the best idea.

    I would say Paris, Texas. I see it’s high on your favorites list and the latest Criterion release is breathtaking.

  10. moshimoshineko

    La Familia Rodante? Is not about moving in, but it’s a whole family on a road trip across Argentina. It’s a funny film.
    Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Holly Golightly moves in, but never decorates the house.
    Inside I’m Dancing? About a couple of cripples who go live by themselves. James McAvoy stars. Funny and endearing.
    Kolya? A little has to move country and lives with his Mother’s husband.
    Central Station? Brazilian film.
    Eagle Vs Shark? Jarrod moves back home for a while.
    The Edukators? Happiness by Todd Solondz? Welcome to the Dollhouse? Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni? Il Postino?

  11. moshimoshineko

    The last ones I added for the hell of it and because they are some of my favourite films.

    * Kolya? A little BOY moves country because his mother marries this old cellist and his grandma has died. Czech I think

  12. Yeah, I meant the one by Fincher

  13. Wow, guys, thanks for all the great suggestions, I’m certainly going to have some touch decision making ahead of me…

  14. Jordan Richardson

    Bill, hope the move goes smashingly (maybe a poor word choice there, but meh).

    A few humble suggestions:

    Jim Sheridan’s In America – starting out new, excitement, exuberance, fear of the unknown, etc.

    Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away – finding beauty in things that look strange.

    Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho – you never know how the shower in a new joint works, do you?

    The Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man – in case things go poorly, you can say “hey, at least I’m not Larry Gopnik!”


  15. Smashingly works just fine Jordan, I am the blogger who uses lots of British slang after all. 🙂

    And, those are some cracking suggestions my friend, all of them are in my queue and each and every one of them is a film I plan to review at some point. Thanks. 🙂

  16. I’m sorry for making this off-topic but I just finished a tribute piece to Alex Chilton here:

  17. edgar chaput


  18. Hmm, I know nothing about this particular Gilliam film….

  19. wow, youre about the fifth of our gang of movie bloggers to move, must be something in the air.
    moving house movies…?
    what about The Money Pit

  20. You’re the second person to suggest The Money Pit, and I know I’ve seen bits and pieces of it through the years, but now I will definitely have to give it a go.

    There’s always something in the air in our little gang of movie bloggers, what that is depends on the time of day and other raunchier factors. 🙂

  21. mcarteratthemovies

    Have you seen any of Pedro Almodovar’s work? I’m particularly fond of “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” and “Volver.” Or how about anything Todd Solondz has done — “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” “Happiness” or “Storytelling”? Any one of the three will get under your skin. Solondz is a dark little man.

  22. M – I have seen Volver, and that is it. I hope to get to the rest at some point.

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