Disney Animated Marathon: The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

Movie #30 in the Disney Animated Marathon features the return of those pesky mice, but I for one wish they had stayed hidden for much, much longer!

Screenplay By: Jim Cox, Karey Kirkpatrick, Joe Ranft & Byron Simpson
Directed By: Hendel Butoy & Mike Gabriel

Up to this point in my marathon of Disney animated feature films we have had all original entries, but The Rescuers Down Under ends that streak and represents the first sequel in said marathon. A very large portion of my brain wishes Disney had chosen to make a sequel to The Great Mouse Detective or Robin Hood, basically any film I was fond of in some form instead of making a sequel to The Rescuers, a cute film that didn’t do much of anything for me. Alas, this is the mouse we are talking about and they have a great track record for a reason, so maybe, just maybe The Rescuers Down Under will succeed where The Rescuers could not.

Er, maybe not, well not completely anyways. The Rescuers Down Under is a better film than The Rescuers, at least I think it is, but it might not be, who knows, both films are so bland that they have already begin to bleed together in my brain. I did have high hopes for The Rescuers Down Under thanks to its first ten or so minutes, ten minutes where the animation popped off the screen. I was drawn to that animation and I waited patiently for any sort of story to come along, for the jokes to begin, for something interesting to happen. Nothing of the sort ever happened, instead I was left feeling like the little kid who buys a pack of trading cards only to find its promised and so richly deserved bubble gum is not in the package. Instead of remaining in love with the animation slowly my thoughts drifted elsewhere, namely to how The Rescuers Down Under is The Rescuers, so much so that this is a movie that doesn’t need to exist.

There’s really no point in me continuing, I think I have made my feelings obvious so far. The Rescuers Down Under is bland with a capital B, a film so innocuous and inert that if it weren’t for its gorgeous animation I would label it as an awful film. Who needs momentum, forward thinking, funny jokes, or cool characters when you can rehash the same failed idea thirteen years later and continue to make money off of it. I don’t know what Disney was thinking with this one, but after suffering through two failed attempts I for one am happy that The Rescue Aid Society had disappeared back into the vaults of Disney never to be heard from again.




4 responses to “Disney Animated Marathon: The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

  1. Yeah, I don’t really remember much of that film at all. I do remember seeing it in the theaters when it came out. My mind about it is very blurry. All I can remember is Bernard being all anxious about trying to propose to Bianca at a NYC restaurant or something. I don’t know. I really don’t remember this a lot about this film. I was 10 when I last saw it. I think.

  2. My wife loves this film, but I still have trouble connecting with it.

  3. you guys are slippin on a very underated movie, it’s no aladdin, but it’s not mulan 2 either

  4. Well, based on what I said about it/rated it, I would place the movie somewhere in the middle of where it seems you would place Aladdin and Mulan 2. The Rescuers Down Under is decent, but it’s far from great.

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