Podcast Review: Doug Loves Movies

I’m back, whether you want me to be or not, with more thoughts on a podcast about film. Will this weeks choice impress me or leave me furious like last time?

No more reposts, from now on every Wednesday, with possible breaks depending on my life, I’ll be delivering to my faithful readers a brand new podcast review!

Doug Loves Movies

The Gist

Doug Loves Movies has been around for a few years now, it was originally known as I Love Movies. It’s a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and filmmaker Doug Benson. Every week he has a few guests on, usually fellow comedians, who crack jokes, discuss movies and play some games. There’s the Never Ending Title Game, and the game that Doug Loves Movies is most known for, the Leonard Maltin Game. I’m not going to go into any details about the games, the rules and such are very easy to pick up once you’ve listened to a few episodes, but trust me, they are a pair of hilarious games.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Adam Carolla, Jerry O’ Connell, and Bryan Bishop
#Unknown: Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman, and Tony Thaxton
#Unknown: Jonathan Lipnicki, Sarah Silverman, and Greg Behrendt

My Thoughts

I love Doug Loves Movies, it’s one of my favorite podcasts, film related or not. It’s an easy podcast to get into, for those who like to laugh that is. Seriously though, the format of the podcast is very easy to understand, it’s not a podcast that requires a lot of work from the listener. Doug Benson basically does a trimmed down version of his stand-up, but he does so in a very conversational manner. The games are a lot of fun, it doesn’t matter who wins, it’s all about how much fun can be had and the audience having a good time. I always have a blast with Doug Loves Movies, I always smile when a new episode shows up in my iTunes feed.

The only real negative that can be levied against Doug Loves Movies is that it’s a podcast where film discussion is kept to a minimum. This isn’t something like Sound On Sight Radio where the listener expects and receives nothing but deep film discussion. Doug Loves Movies discusses movies in a very brief fashion, if an episode is an hour long about five to ten minutes of that will be devoted to discussing film. That’s okay with me, Doug Loves Movies doesn’t try to pass itself off as a serious film podcast. Mr. Benson knows the product he is delivering, and his listeners love what he delivers. Doug Loves Movies may not bring serious film discussion to the table, but it does serve up lots of laughs and a good time had by all where film is the basis of the good time.

The guests can be hit or miss, but that’s what you get with guests. Doug Benson’s humor isn’t for everyone, but it works for me in spades. As I stated earlier I love Doug Loves Movies, it’s a podcast that causes me to smile. If all you’re looking for is serious film discussion then Doug Loves Movies probably isn’t for you. If you want to have fun with movies and listen to some really funny people have, and I know I’m sounding repetitive, a great time then definitely give Doug Loves Movies a listen. I know this is a shorter review, but Doug Loves Movies is a simple pleasure that doesn’t need a lot of words devoted to it. My final vote is obviously for people to subscribe to Doug Loves Movies, join me in the fun, the games, the awesome time that can be had with this podcast.

The Bottom Line



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