Podcast Review: Objection!

My first podcast review of a podcast that is a part of a big family of podcasts!


The Gist

Objection! is a member of the DVD Verdict family, thus it comes with a number of existing caveats. It’s one of a number of podcasts that fly under the DVD Verdict Presents label, and that means you can’t just subscribe to one of them you have to subscribe to all of them. To be honest that’s very annoying, I’m not interested in a podcast family, but individual podcasts I want to listen to and I wish there was a way that I could selectively choose which DVD Verdict Presents podcasts I want to see pop up in my iTunes feed. Objection! is one of the DVD Verdict Presents podcasts that doesn’t have its own website, and that means the website I listed in the title has very little to do with the podcast other than providing a link to find where you can download episodes. Lastly, the lack of an actual website means it’s hard to figure out any sort of history behind Objection!. I don’t know how long the podcast has been around or how many episodes there have been. I do know that it meets the criteria I set for this feature, so I can review it, but that’s about all I know about the shows history. The regular hosts, I think, are David Johnson and Dan Mancini. They do have guests on occasionally, and they adhere to the rather silly conceit of DVD Verdict that everyone who works for them is called a judge. The format of Objection! is that the two hosts take on some sort of topic and approach it from opposing viewpoints, at least that’s what the format is supposed to be.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Death-defying Stunts, Part One
#Unknown: America F Yeah!
#Unknown: Death-defying Stunts, Part Two

My Thoughts

I’m going to keep my thoughts on Objection! very short, it’s not a podcast that I find has the depth to warrant any sort of deep review. The format often isn’t followed, there’s no real back and forth discussion or debate. Objection! more often than not ends up being about two guys stating what they liked about a film and never actually countering the statements of the other. I don’t mean to sound mean, but I found Objection! to be an empty podcast, devoid of any sort of discussion that interested me. Time is short in this world, and on the entertainment ladder podcasts rank near the bottom for me. I need something from the podcasts I listen to, I need them to give me something to think about or at the very least to entertain me. I ever felt for a second like I was getting either from Objection!, and that is why my interest in the podcast waned very quickly.

I don’t have anything outright horrible to say about Objection!, it’s just not a podcast I find worthwhile. Neither host brings anything to the discussions that is interesting, and often their discussions are mundane and repetitive. It’s not a terrible podcast by any means, but when the only positive I have to type is that every episode is usually a very short half an hour then something isn’t clicking with the podcast. Don’t waste your time on Objection!, unsubscribe and search out other movie related podcasts that will bring something to the table or at the very least entertain.

The Bottom Line



4 responses to “Podcast Review: Objection!

  1. What movies did they actually discuss? You can’t tell by the titles.

    Thanks, Bill, for providing the invaluable service of telling us which podcasts to avoid.

  2. Sometimes they discuss just one movie, but for these three episodes they provided lists of their favorite films within those categories. That’s why their format confused me, they make a big deal about the podcast being two opposing viewpoints on a movie/topic, but in these three episodes they agreed 99% of the time and never eve attempted to offer any sort of rebuts or opposing viewpoints.

    Kind sir, you are, as always, welcome. Thanks for the continued feedback. 🙂

  3. Actually, Objection! isn’t about two opposing viewpoints; maybe that accounts for some of your disappointment. Either way, thanks for checking out our podcasts.

  4. If that’s the case then it was really hard to pick out the format, what with all the talk about contrariety. Maybe me not understanding the format played into my disappointment, but maybe it was also the hard to decipher nature of the format that contributed to that as well.

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