Podcast Review: Cinerama

Another podcast review, another trip to the United Kingdom, but will I stay subscribed this time?


The Gist

Ian Loring is the lone host of the United Kingdom based podcast Cinerama. The show has been around for a few years now, with a rather lengthy break that makes it seem like the podcast has been around more than it actually has. Episodes are usually weekly, and cover some movie news and trailers, reviews are also provided for a handful of films. As far as I know Mr. Loring never uses guests, every episode of Cinerama is Mr. Loring and Mr. Loring only.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Senna’s Beaver Was Green
#Unknown: The Bad Bridesmaids Were Staked
#Unknown: Conspiring Transformers

My Thoughts

In what is a developing trend I initially was on board with Cinerama, then with one review I completely soured on the podcast. Before we get to that, what was it that I initially liked about Cinerama? I enjoy the open way in which Mr. Loring reviews films. He isn’t worried about time constraints or fitting his thoughts into a neat and tidy box. Mr. Loring says what he wants to say about a film, no more and no less. I was also enamored with the production values behind Cinerama. The show may be a one man project, but it sounds very professional and has almost no hitches in its technical presentation. Finally, I was happy with the variety of subjects Mr. Loring tackled. A smidgen of movie news and trailer talk helps to keep the show fresh and separate it from other review only shows, which is mostly what I choose to listen to.

Even before the subscription ending review that I’ll get to in a bit, I had a few issues with Cinerama. While the production values were good, there were also single host problems that came with the show. I became quickly annoyed by the pauses in the show to look up something on the internet, those lapses of nothing happening are what editing is for. The biggest single host problem is that there is only one point of view on the show. In written form the lone reviewer is ideal, but in audio form I like a good back and forth, a nice contrast in ideas, agreement, or even disagreement. Cinerama can never deliver that, no matter what, and that often leaves Mr. Loring sounding like he is lecturing the audience as opposed to engaging in discussion. I don’t actually think he is lecturing at the audience, but the feeling of someone talking at you instead of with you is a very big drawback that I find to be inherent in single person opinion based podcasts.

The review I have touted as my breaking point was Cinerama’s review of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t comment on its quality, but I have major problems with a person ending his review telling all fans of the movie in question to fuck off. Different people are going to like different things, that’s just the way life works. I like movies that I know many other people think are terrible, use my love of Uwe Boll films as a prime example if you want. I also find a lot of movies terrible that I know many others love. I feel no need to be condescending to people who like movies that I can’t stand, I see no point in being so childish. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon may be a terrible movie, but if people like it they like it, telling those people to fuck off is immature, crass, and makes me not want to listen to anything you have to say, about anything.

My words turned very confrontational and damning in the last paragraph, but I can’t apologize for that because dismissing the views of other people in such a way really irks me. I may have initially liked Cinerama, but after the final words Mr. Loring said in his Transformers: Dark Of The Moon episode I can’t recommend it in any fashion. I’m sure Mr. Loring is a nice guy, and I’m sure he has his fair share of fans, but telling people who liked something you didn’t to fuck off leaves Cinerama as a podcast that I don’t think anyone should spend their time listening to.

The Bottom Line



4 responses to “Podcast Review: Cinerama

  1. AdamSherlock

    Interesting. I haven’t heard the podcast, but when you talk about the host telling off the fans of that particular movie, it made me instinctually go through my head to try and remember if I have ever done that on any of our shows. Knowing me, I’m sure that I have, although hopefully it can be construed that I was trying to make Palcher (or someone listening) laugh. At least I hope so.

  2. I recall you doing it in the past I think, but I also recall it being very tongue in cheek, and meant to create some laughs. That I’m fine with, but in this case it wasn’t tongue in cheek or for a laugh, it was condescending, and it ticked me off a fair bit.

  3. ..Don’t remember the review specifically but that sounds like me. In fairness, I get pretty much like that on certain films, but I’m sorry I offended.

  4. No worries, you have your own style, it just didn’t work for me, but I’m one small fish in a huge pond.

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