Podcast Review: The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema

A podcast about the one aspect of film that everyone enjoys but rarely focuses on, the score!

The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema

The Gist

The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema has been around for at least a few years now, long enough to be picked up by a radio station at least. It’s a one man show, the only host being Clark Douglas, although there will be the occasional guest host when Mr. Douglas can’t be on the show for one reason or another. The format of every episode is the same, Mr. Douglas plays a handful of song selections from certain movies based on some sort of theme. There’s also a movie review near the end, and an unrelated non-movie song played at the end of every podcast. The true focus is on the movie song selections though, Mr. Douglas usually goes into some detail about the thematic applications of the songs within the movie as well as the strengths and weaknesses he finds in the song proper. The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema is part of the DVD Verdict family of podcasts, that means Mr. Douglas has been given the ridiculous moniker of Judge and that in order to get his podcast you need to sift through every other DVD Verdict podcast in your feed. Mr. Douglas’ podcast drops on a weekly basis and is usually about an hour long

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: The Music Of Harry Potter, Part 1
#Unknown: The Music Of Harry Potter, Part 2
#Unknown: The Music Of Harry Potter, Part 3

My Thoughts

I posted in the past that I’m not a big fan of solo hosted podcasts, but there’s an exception to every rule, The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema is one such exception. This podcast doesn’t need any more hosts, its lone host is more than sufficient to bridge the gaps in between musical pieces. Clark Douglas does a splendid job of framing the musical piece, why it worked/didn’t work within the movie itself, why he likes it, what it’s thematic resonance is, and so on. The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema isn’t a podcast about discussion and the addition of even one extra host would turn it into a discussion based podcast, taking the focus away from where it needs to be, the music.

Those musical pieces are the soul of The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema, and just by themselves they make the show worth listening to. Mr. Douglas always chooses an interesting variety of music, from pieces he thinks are among the best to pieces he merely finds interesting. I discover new scores to track down thanks to The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema and am always being reminded of great scores that I need to revisit. I can see how someone could listen to The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema and say, “So what, anyone can take some tracks from a film and play them on a podcast.” To that I say you may be right, but Mr. Douglas is the only person who does so, with professional production aesthetics mind you, and I’m glad that he does as I look forward very much to every episode of The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema.

The reviews and non-film song that always come at the end of The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema don’t make much of an impact on me. I can see why Mr. Douglas includes them, but for me they are simply there, and they are not the reason I listen to the podcast. The film scores are why I listen to the podcast, but Mr. Douglas brings something else to the table that intrigues me. Mr. Douglas doesn’t just play a track from a film, he discusses the meaning he finds in the track, he brings discussion to the table and I respect that. I don’t always agree with Mr. Douglas, but I like hearing him go into how he thematically views a piece of music.

The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema is a simple podcast, but it is a podcast that works because of how simple its premise is. I find that Clark Douglas has what would be called a radio friendly voice, and I love that he’s willing to look at the film music we all love in a way that no one else in the podcast world really does. I say you subscribe to The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema, it’s an hour or so of your podcast time that is well worth it, sometimes just for the cool tunes on the drive home. There really are no other podcasts like The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema, at least none that I have found, that’s why I highly recommend you take in its auditory pleasures.

The Bottom Line



5 responses to “Podcast Review: The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema

  1. It might be a bad idea as we’ve hardly got the slickest podcast in the world and I imagine you’ll lay into us, but is there a way of submitting a podcast for you to review?

    We’ve got one that’s been running for a little while now called The Blueprint: Review Podcast over at http://www.blueprintreview.co.uk

    Sorry to ask using your comments section, but it seemed like a good idea at the time 🙂

  2. I had never heard of this podcast before I read about it. Thank you for bringing it under my radar!

  3. David: Nothing wrong with asking me to review your podcast. No guarantee on when I will get to it, but I will add it to the list of film related podcasts I plan on reviewing. 🙂

    Jessica: Hopefully you like it Jessica, I see the sensibilities of the podcast and yours lining up very nicely. 🙂

  4. I going to check this one out. Thanks!

  5. That’s what I’m hear for Noff 🙂 Hope you like it.

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