Podcast Review: A Damn Movie Podcast

Hey what do you know, I’m finally getting around to reviewing my favorite film related podcast!

A Damn Movie Podcast

The Gist

Based out of Utah, A Damn Movie Podcast has been around since 2008. They try to get an episode out once a week, but their schedule does have the tendency to become a bit erratic. Each episode is between an hour and a half to two hours long usually. The hosts are a pair of longtime friends Adam Sherlock and Adam Palcher, but every once in a while they will have a guest host join the show. The format of the show is of two reviews, where the films are often related through some measure, followed by a top five list. The reviews aren’t of new releases, although they can be, and quite often the second review in a given episode is from whatever Festival (think of these as similar to my marathons, where they choose a topic, a set number of films from the topic, and each episode represents a new entry in the Festival) they are currently partaking in.They also engage in a lot of banter and will read listener feedback.

Episodes Listened To

#139: This Is Spinal Tap/Anvil: The Story Of Anvil/Top 5 Soundtracks
#140: Lawrence Of Arabia/Master And Commander/Top 5 Missed Classics
#141: The Killing Fields/The Year Of Living Dangerously/Top 5 Reporters

My Thoughts

I put off writing about A Damn Movie Podcast for a long, long time. It’s funny that I did so because it was various conversations with fellow cinephiles where I tried to get the word out about A Damn Movie Podcast that made me think of doing podcast reviews on my blog. Week after week I picked a podcast to review instead of A Damn Movie Podcast because I figured most people already knew my feelings towards A Damn Movie Podcast. It made sense to me to review other podcasts that I had just started listening to or didn’t talk about much instead of the podcast that I spent the better part of two years talking up. Enough is enough I say, it’s high time that my favorite podcast and the best film related podcast out there got its due on this here blog.

The format of A Damn Movie Podcast is very reminiscent of a very popular podcast I have already reviewed, Filmspotting. Once the listener moves past the framework of the two shows they are worlds apart as far as I’m concerned. The main difference is that A Damn Movie Podcast is a podcast that breathes. If they want to have a discussion about a film then they will discuss it, they don’t hold themselves to some sort of restrictive timed out schedule. The two Adam’s give each film they review, as well as their top five lists, as much time as they think that film deserves. In a given episode the first film they review could get forty minutes while the second film only gets twelve, or vice versa. I absolutely love that sort of film discussion, the type where all avenues that are important to the hosts are explored. I never leave an episode of A Damn MoviePodcast thinking that either host held back, I never turn off my iPod wishing they would have had more to say because I know they say everything that they want to say about a film.

The variety positive that I have used with quite a few podcasts recently also applies to A Damn Movie Podcast. They will talk about mainstream cinema, classic Hollywood, foreign films, silent films, documentaries, art house cinema, grindhouse horror, and so on. Good variety is one thing, but discussing the wide variety of films a podcast can cover with an open mind is another game altogether. A Damn Movie Podcast approaches every second of their podcast with an open mind, clearly laying out why a film did or did not work for them and allowing their opinion of a film to be honest. The two Adam’s move beyond just being open, they are also able to admit when they are wrong and take criticism in the best way. Sometimes it’s not even that they are wrong, rather they are simply willing to acknowledge the validity of the different opinions that exist among the film going public. This may seem like a small issue, but I’ve found the majority of film related podcast hosts to be stuffy and unwilling to see the other side of the coin. The podcasts that do look the coin over completely impress me, A Damn Movie Podcast is one such podcast.

One of the facets of A Damn Movie Podcast that I first latched on to was the conversational style employed by the two hosts. When I started listening, back around their Dangerous Liaisons episode in 2008 I believe, I was having trouble finding a film related podcast where I felt the host/s were having a conversation with their audience. A Damn Movie Podcast fit that bill, and through every episode, every agreement, and every disagreement I have remained impressed by the laid back nature of their show and the easy way in which they make me as an audience member feel like I am a part of the conversation. I have in the years following my search discovered other film related podcasts that also carry on their conversations in such a way. I still have yet to find a podcast that is as good at having a conversation with the audience as A Damn Movie Podcast is, that says a lot right there.

The hosts of A Damn Movie Podcast, Mr. Sherlock & Mr. Palcher, are also a funny pair of dudes. I think it ties into their easy conversational nature, but I find myself really gelling with their comedic sensibilities. The two Adam’s are also knowledgeable about film, I wouldn’t describe either man as a scholar of film, but I don’t believe they would either. A Damn Movie Podcast is two guys who know about film cracking open some beers and talking about film. The show never tries to be anything more than that, nor does it ever sinks to a a level of lesser quality. There are also really good production values at play, but I’ve rambled on long enough. If you haven’t figured it out yet I think you may have some comprehension problems, but I highly recommend you subscribe to A Damn Movie Podcast. It remains my favorite podcast, and it is by far the best film related podcast out there.

The Bottom Line



P.S.: In the interest of full disclosure, I have had a few discussions with both Mr. Sherlock and Mr. Palcher. I do consider them friends, albeit very distant friends. I’ve come close to hanging out with one of them once, and I would gladly chill with either one of them if given the chance. All of this sprang out of me initially listening to the podcast though, so I know I am coming from an unbiased place, and hopefully my readers will see that as well. On the other hand by listening to them I did form another casual friendship with the quirky and awesome Mark Middlemas, and whether I should thank them or hate them for that I’m still not sure. 🙂

18 responses to “Podcast Review: A Damn Movie Podcast

  1. Hahahahahaha. Thanks?

  2. You should definitely thank me, that name drop alone will make sure that at least, I don’t know, one other person on this planet has heard your name. 🙂

  3. Great Review! Love this podcast! Adam and Adams’ movie knowledge is off the charts! And I agree the episodes with Mark have been particularly good!

  4. Indeed, Mark’s a cool dude even away from the podcast, shocking, I know. 🙂

  5. The Adams are great, for sure – great discussion and easy camaraderie. Nice review!

  6. Thanks Melissa, for some reason the fact that you dig the podcast has always been really cool, maybe it’s the sophisticated mom factor. 😛

  7. 🙂 I do love the down to earth feel of the podcast and the fact that the guys are clearly good friends. Makes me feel like I’d like to hang out with them. (The fact that they are Bier apologists helps, too!)

  8. Bill, I’m a big fan of the Adams too. My favorite episode so far is probably the White Men Can’t Jump discussion, where they went off on it for a long time. It was fun, but they also made some great points. Good stuff.

  9. I liked that episode a lot as well. My favorite discussion of theirs was probably the one they had for Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans, they gave it a thorough look over and had a great time doing it. Of course I may be a bit biased as I love that film. 🙂

  10. This has to be one of the most flattering and thorough reviews anyone has ever done of something I have been involved in. For real. After I started my new job and my life got insanely hectic, the consistency of the show has waned, and it’s not nearly as easy to pull it together as it used to be. But reading your comments, as well as others here just really made me realize that the work we put into it is truly appreciated, and that is just so damned cool. I was talking to Palcher about your review, and he said that it is funny that we are your favorite show, because most of the time, your feedback is complaining that we dropped the ball about something, or that you disagree with our opinion. But we both just thought that was a testament to what a good reviewer YOU are, that although you disagree with our opinion, it does nothing to sway your enjoyment of our show. And I would say the same for the feedback we get from you. There may be times that I think you are CRAZY for the view you have of some things (Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino) but I relish reading your feedback just the same. Wow, did it just get sappy and schmaltzy in here or what? Thanks, Bill.

  11. First, thanks for the kind words Sherlock.

    Second, the funny thing about feedback is that it’s often of a disagreeing tone because the disagreements stick out more. I agree with you guys a lot, but I struggle making points beyond, “Agree with your guys thoughts on…” Maybe it’s a cop out on my part, I’m sure I could contribute more agreeing feedback, but to be honest it’s very rare when I disagree with you guys severely and those are the times I end up feeling spurred into leaving feedback,

    People don’t think about it much, but feedback is a tricky thing. There needs to be some content, but at the same there needs to be a recognition that the show/blog belongs to the hosts/original poster. Threading the fine line between contributing and taking over with your feedback is pretty hard at times.

    Not to disagree with you :), but I’d like to think that my ability to disagree with you guys and still like the show so much speaks to how good your show is.

    I am a crazy bloke though, I know how in the minority I am in some of my views. But I’m me, I like what I like and I dislike what I dislike, as long as I’m honest in my opinions I’m okay with every opinion I put forth. Crazy as fox, I am.

    Finally, I’m fine with sap and schmaltz, The Shawshank Redemption is my top movie of all time after all. 🙂

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