Bill’s Wife Knows Best Marathon: Lost And Delirious (2001)

And again my wife picks a film that has lots of boobies in it, I wonder what she’s trying to say to me?

Screenplay By: Judith Thompson
Directed By: Léa Pool

I was pleasantly surprised by Lost And Delirious, the movie Léa Pool crafted ended up subverting my expectations more than a few times. Lost And Delirious still had its share of faults, but when it was over I was glad to have watched it and I was glad to have been exposed to Piper Perabo’s performance. Some of my expectations were met, but I turned to my wife a few different times and made sure to note how a scene did not go the way I thought it would. Of course, I was completely wrong about the falcon eventually ripping someone’s eyeballs out. I wish I had not been wrong about that one, because all the kids know that falcon attacks are where it’s at.

The performance of one Miss Piper Perabo is the best place to start really digging into Lost And Delirious. I’ve always been fond of Miss Perabo in basically whatever I have seen her in, but Lost And Delirious is the first of her work that I’ve seen where she’s been allowed to completely control the film. Her character of Paulie changes a lot in Lost And Delirious, not in an arc sort of way but in how her actions reflect the current mood of the film. Miss Perabo pulls off the changes in mood splendidly, when the film is manic she is manic, when it’s angry she is angry, when it’s forlorn she is forlorn, and so on. Miss Perabo’s performance is the lifeblood of Lost And Delirious. Jessica Paré is pretty good and Mischa Barton stares at the camera a lot I guess, but the existence of the other characters revolve around Paulie. She may not be in control of what happens to her, but Paulie is in control of how others act around her, she is in control of the energy that permeates the film. Watching Miss Perabo go all over the map with her character and still pull off a genuine performance was a treat and makes me an even bigger fan of hers.

There was one moment in particular in Lost And Delirious that I found excellently crafted. When Paulie appears to have lost it and wants her hair cut off by Miss Barton’s Mouse they get into a small flare-up about lesbianism. I loved that moment, I loved how Paulie framed her disgust at being called a lesbian. She had no problem with the term lesbian, but love is love, regardless of gender, sex, or anything else and she raged against someone trying to define her love with gender labels. That was a powerful moments, a great speech, and easily the best sequence in all of Lost And Delirious.

While I may have been surprised by some of Lost And Delirious, I can’t say that I was completely surprised. There is a level of obviousness at play in the relationship between Tori and Paulie, as well as in how said relationship will end. There are also some unintentionally, or maybe it is intentionally, odd moments in Lost And Delirious. Most notably there is a scene where Mouse watches Tori having sex with a man, for what I assume is the first time. This spurs a very odd speech from Mouse about blood flowing to her nether regions in a way she had never experienced. Based on the fact she had already seen Tori and Paulie have sex with one another that makes Mouse’s blood speech come across as the film screaming, “She’s straight, I know we’ve been hinting that a lot of characters in this film are homosexual, but she’s straight, don’t you worry!” Mouse’s speech and that moment didn’t sit well with me, it also signaled a turn towards a more bombastically melodramatic approach by the director, Miss Pool, that I felt could have been toned down.

Lost And Delirious stumbles and becomes too over the top as it moves long, but it’s still a good film. Piper Perabo gives a great performance as a jilted lover who is much more than her outward appearance. I ended up liking Lost And Delirious, it is a well made film about young love. More importantly it’s about love beyond gender, where love is just love without any qualifications society has imposed upon it. If only that darn falcon had gouged someone’s eyes out, now that would have made Lost And Delirious an awesome flick.




Sarah’s Soapbox

I really enjoy watching Lost and Delirious. To me it is a very sad love story. The way that the movie handled the love story makes it feel as though it is simply about a forbidden love, and it does not matter that the lovers are both female. The characters being gay didn’t come into the story in the way most films handle the idea of a homosexual love story. These two characters could have been from different financial or ethnic backgrounds and the story would have been the same. The story isn’t about the backgrounds or orientation of these characters but about their love and only their love.

My favorite part of the movie is when Paulie defends her love by stating that she is not a lesbian at all, she is just in love. Some aspects of the film were a bit overdone, like when a crazed Paulie wanted to have her hair chopped off with broken pieces of glass, but it was never enough to make me dislike the film. Lost And Delirious is a film that I enjoyed just as much this time around as I did when I first watched it years ago.




2 responses to “Bill’s Wife Knows Best Marathon: Lost And Delirious (2001)

  1. I remember watching “Lost & Delirious” when it first came on TV. I was suspicious about the film because prior to this film. The only thing I had seen from Piper Perabo were “Coyote Ugly” and that “Rocky & Bullwinkle” movie. I didn’t like either of those movies but after watching this film. I realized there was more to Perabo and she is a really good actress. I think this is a really good film that should be seen more. I’m glad you two liked it.

  2. Miss Perabo’s performance was indeed worthy of praise, makes me look forward to the rest of her work that I need to see still.

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