Podcast Review: The Treatment

Is it just me or does Elvis Mitchell have the perfect voice for podcasting?

The Treatment

The Gist

Clocking in at a light half an hour, The Treatment is a weekly podcast. Originating as a radio program back in 1996, The Treatment is hosted by professional film critic Elvis Mitchell. Every week he has a guest on from the world of entertainment, more often than not specifically from the realm of film, and he asks them probing questions. There’s no themes behind The Treatment, it’s Elvis Mitchell asking free roaming questions of his guests in a laid back atmosphere.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Nicholas Winding Refn: Drive
#Unknown: Mark Landsman: Thunder Soul
#Unknown: Jake Kasdan: New Girl

My Thoughts

My review of The Treatment will be short and sweet, much like the podcast itself. I was pleasantly surprised by The Treatment, I did not expect to like it as much as I did. The key I believe is the show’s host, Elvis Mitchell. I have never read any of Mr. Mitchell’s film criticism, but I absolutely love him as the host of The Treatment. He completely dispels my general theory that single host podcasts are of a lesser quality. Mr. Mitchell’s voice is perfect for the audio format, and he has a way of engaging his guests in conversation that is always enlightening.

The laid back nature of The Treatment is facilitated by the demeanor of Mr. Mitchell. He’s not afraid to ask tough questions, but he does so in a way that generates good discussion as opposed to pointless arguing. In every episode I have listened to the guests have been more than willing to engage every question thrown their way. Mr. Mitchell always has interesting follow-up questions at the ready and steers the conversation in directions that allow insight into the mind of the guest.

The production values behind The Treatment are understandably high, what with it being a public radio program. Each episode is a breezy half an hour long, and I mean that in the best possible way. Most times the episode ends and it feels like a minute has gone by as opposed to a half an hour. Hearing Elvis Mitchell on The Treatment has made me want to seek out his printed film criticism. The Treatment is definitely a podcast you should subscribe to, it’s well worth the time needed to take in its short running length.

The Bottom Line



15 responses to “Podcast Review: The Treatment

  1. Yep, The Treatment is one of my favorites – Mitchell is just wonderful. Many interviewers seem to have a set of pre-fabricated questions they follow without really listening to the guest’s answers. But with Mitchell, who must do research and have some ideas for questions, the interviews just don’t feel stilted and pre-fabricated – they are so organic, real discussions leading to interesting insights and ideas.

  2. The best thing about Elvis Mitchell’s style of interviewing is that he takes people I’m not interested in hearing about and makes me interested. Like I said, I’m really glad to have discovered him, and the podcast.

  3. Yes, Mitchell has a knack for making all of his guests sound absolutely fascinating. 🙂

  4. That awesome voice of his doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  5. Okay, I’ll try it.

  6. Cool, I think it may be right up your alley.

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