Podcast Review: Movies You Should See

Yet again I return to the land of tea and crumpets!

Movies You Should See

The Gist

A weekly podcast based out of the United Kingdom, Movies You Should See is a member of the Simply Syndicated family of podcasts. Simply Syndicated operates much in the same vein as the previously written about DVD Verdict Presents…, with the key difference being that every show in the Simply Syndicated family has its own iTunes feed so you can pick and choose which ones to download. Every episode of Movies You Should See is around an hour long, and it has been airing for about four or five years I do believe. The regular hosts at this time, and again I believe for the great majority of the shows existence, are- Richard Smith, Allison Downing, Will Tristram, and Craig Bevan.

Episodes Listened To

#262: Black Swan
#263: True Grit
#264: The Town

My Thoughts

I listened to Movies You Should See a few years ago, in fact I went all the way back to the beginning and listened to every single episode they had released at that point. I quite enjoyed the show, I enjoyed the obvious friendships shared by all the hosts, and I enjoyed the discussions the show produced. As time wore on I noticed that listening to Movies You Should See was starting to feel like more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. With that being the case I unsubscribed from the podcast and have not listened to a single episode for around two years now.

Returning to Movies You Should See was pleasant, a lot like finding an old baseball cap and putting it on for the first time in years. It’s warm and fuzzy, bringing back pleasant memories and thoughts from the past. At the same time the hat doesn’t quite fit anymore, nor is the hat in line with the life I now lead. Once I moved past the warmth of listening to Movies You Should See again I realized that the show was no longer in line with my life. Don’t worry, I’m not getting melodramatic. What you just read was a lot of flowery prose to say I don’t connect with Movies You Should See anymore.

Movies You Should See still tackles films that I have an interest in. It’s still a well made podcast on the technical side (although to this day the sound levels are a bit of an issue) and I still get the same obvious friendship from the hosts. This time around I simply could not drum up interest in what any of the four hosts were saying. That’s not to say they aren’t knowledgeable or well spoken hosts, because that is simply (see what I did there?) not the case. I was never able to connect to the hosts this time around, and I’m not sure why that was. All the elements were in place for me to go back to listening to Movies You Should See on a regular basis. Instead I’m leaving the podcast behind me yet again, not with any malice but because I was not able to form a connection with the hosts.

I hope my words were not harsh when talking about Movies You Should See, trust me I have no ill feelings towards the show or its hosts. I wish I had connected with Movies You Should See, but I didn’t. I can’t keep listening to a podcast that fails to hold my interest. My inability to connect and the inability of the podcast to keep me interested lead me to tell you to unsubscribe from Movies You Should See. Although to be honest it would’t hurt anyone to give Movies You Should See a try, others will surely connect with the podcast where I was unable to. I am leaving Movies You Should See behind me for good this time, no matter how much I like that old hat it just doesn’t fit any more.

The Bottom Line



6 responses to “Podcast Review: Movies You Should See

  1. I haven’t listened to them in a long time, but back in the day, they were one of my favorite film podcasts. I listened to a number of their discussions several times and always got more out of them with each listen.

    Now, four years later I wonder if I’ll have the same feeling. I hope not, but I do plan on revisiting them at some point. Their Three Colors episode use to be one of my favorite discussions not just about the films, but the types of moviegoers that exist.

  2. There’s still definitely an appeal to their podcast, and I wouldn’t warn anyone away from checking them out, or in your case returning to them. Sadly I couldn’t reform a connection with them this time around, but such is life I guess.

  3. This show was one of the reasons I wanted to do a podcast to begin with. Their conversation about Fincher’s Seven is incredible, and if you haven’t listened to them talk about Patrick Swayze’s facial expressions in Ghost, you really should listen to that one. I did the exact same thing that you did, Bill. I grew apart from the show, and when I went back, I felt like a lot of the enthusiasm was gone. The production value was still there, but the hosts felt really dull, and as if they were struggling to find something interesting to say to one another. It was a real let down. I can safely say that if I ever hear myself get to that point, I’ll throw in the towel. I still really respect the show and how well they have done, but I kind of think that when the Simply Syndicated empire franchised itself into book reviews, game reviews, episode by episode reviews of like, three different star trek tv shows (?!?), they spread themselves too thin, and the passion for the podcast got lost in the mix. I don’t know, maybe it is just exhaustion, but the last episode I listened to had a moment where there was actually 15 seconds of dead air before one of the four hosts said “well, I guess I’ll start this one”. It really bummed me out.

  4. You hit the nail on the head Mr. Sherlock. I wish I would have been able to succinctly sum up my lack of connection the way you did. There definitely is a lack of enthusiasm behind the new episodes, and like you I think that’s a result of the hosts spreading themselves too thin as well as viewing the podcast network they’ve created as more of a job.

    Trust me my friend, you guys still have a lot of enthusiasm in your podcast, I’d let you know if I felt it was missing. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Bill.

  6. No problem my man, thanks for the continued comments. 🙂

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