Podcast Review: ShowShow Podcast

A podcast not afraid to get wildly off track!

ShowShow Podcast

The Gist

The hosts of ShowShow Podcast are a couple, Miles and Katie, although they are often joined by a few different guests. The basic format of the show is hard to pin down, because in the episodes I listened to they always discussed a specific movie but they have quite a few episodes in their archives where discussion is more random. Length is also hard to peg as all the episodes I listened to were a little over a half an hour, but they have also done a lot of longer episodes in the past. The same goes for when they release episodes, the ones I listened to were released daily, but their archives reveal more of a weekly release schedule. I’m not sure where ShowShow Podcast is based out of, they may have mentioned in one of the episodes I listened to but I missed it. Sorry for the vague back story on the podcast, but their website offers very little info outside of episodes to download.

Episodes Listened To

#225: Stake Land!
#226: The Silent House!
#227: Tiki!

My Thoughts

Episode #226 filled me with so much hope for ShowShow Podcast, so much that I kept listening past my usual rule of three. In that episode the two hosts, Miles and Katie, brought it. They discussed The Silent House in depth, and were funny and engaging while doing so. They really gave the movie a good once over, going into themes, style choices and so on. I was convinced that the first episode has been an aberration and that I had found a new podcast to really dig. The episodes that followed #226 didn’t play out that way, and ShowShow Podcast became another film related podcast I had to part ways with.

Miles and Katie are a pair of amicable and funny hosts. I liked hearing the two of them discuss film, but they didn’t discuss film enough. I have a feeling that people who have been listening to ShowShow Podcast from the onset, or at least for a long time, dig their tangential discussions. I’m not strictly opposed to it per se, but as an outsider just coming into their podcasting world the asides and the discussions going off the rails didn’t interest me. I knew the two hosts had a lot of intelligent film talk within them, they showed that every time they talked about film, but it was hard to be pumped for half hour episodes where maybe eight minutes of that was actual film talk.

There’s not much more for me to say about ShowShow Podcast. The potential was certainly there for it to be a really good film related podcast. Maybe I’ll come back to ShowShow Podcast again in the future and end up liking it more than I did this time around, that is certainly a possibility. At the present date I’m telling my readers to unsubscribe, there just isn’t enough actual film talk in ShowShow Podcast, although there is a lot of untapped potential.

The Bottom Line



2 responses to “Podcast Review: ShowShow Podcast

  1. Haha, you described the show to a “T” 🙂

  2. If nothing else I try to be semi-accurate amid all my ramblings. 🙂

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