This Week In Cinema: January 08-14, 2012

Even if the movie is bad Dwayne Johnson is always entertaining, always!

This was not a good week, I tried to get at least one more movie in before the week was over. However my body needed sleep more than it needed to see that movie, and thus only one movie this week.

Tooth Fairy (2010, Michael Lembeck, Canada/United States Of America) **

I’ll be honest right out of the gate, any good will I carry towards Tooth Fairy is due to Dwayne Johnson and Stephen Merchant. The two of them are trying so hard in this ridiculously bad film, and they try so hard that they actually make it bearable. There are a lot of dead stretches of nothingness in this film, no humor, no emotion, just nothing. Then the end hits, wherein the main character learns his life lesson and is then blasted with amnesia dust so that he loses said lesson, yet the film acts like that isn’t what happens. It’s stupid, and that was this movie, Tooth Fairy is stupid and it treats its audience like they are a bunch of drooling idiots. Dwayne Johnson and Stpehen Merchant are hella charming, but their best efforts can’t save this insipid film.


Uh, not much to say here. Since it was the only movie I watched this week Tooth Fairy takes home movie of the week honors by default. I’m not happy about this, nope, not happy at all. Oh well, until next week, watch more movies (and I’ll try to do the same)!


6 responses to “This Week In Cinema: January 08-14, 2012

  1. Oh my. I saw that on a plane once. And I thought I had blocked out those memories…

  2. The Rock is good, and, uh, yeah, that’s about it.

  3. I didn’t like that movie but I did like the Rock in that movie. Even in a bad movie, he can be ELECTRIFYING!!!! I hope he layeth the smacketh down on that roody-poo, fruity-pebble, candyass and make him look like a yabba-dabba-bitch!!!! And then, he takes those stupid t-shirts, the stupid baseball caps, and all of that lame merchandise… shine it up real nice… turn that sum-bitch sideways, and stick it straight up his roody-poo candyass!!! IF YOU SMELLLLLLL LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!!!! WHAT THE ROCK…. IS COOKING!!!

    Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. I’m a mark for that guy.

  4. He definitely is a heck of a talent.

  5. I feel ya. I’ve not been off to a very good start on watching movies this year. Albeit, I have seen at least ten, I think.

    I’m sorta curious about this. I’ve yet to see Dwayne Johnson in anything where he wasn’t entertaining. He’s never afraid to ham it up or look goofy and more often than not, it makes him all the more enjoyable.

  6. Oh yeah James, Tooth Fairy is a great example of that. Johnson, and Stephen Merchant, ham it up big time and have a lot of fun with their roles. Because of that they are enjoyable even if the rest of the movie is not.

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