Podcast Review: The Splattercast

Maybe it’s just me, but I like for the hosts of a podcast to actually watch the movies they review!

The Splattercast

The Gist

Around for about four or so years now, The Splattercast is a weekly podcast that is part of The Dead Lantern Podcast Network. This means, unfortunately, that if you want to subscribe to The Splattercast on iTunes that you have to subscribe to all their other podcasts as well. The format of the show is simple, every episode has a section where they answer listener feedback and questions, they then discuss a movie, or movies, and sometimes the show is capped off by listener voice mails. The hosts of The Splattercast are usually DJ, Jeff, Mat and Steve.

Episodes Listened To


My Thoughts

Not to sound like a broken record, but The Splattercast is a podcast that should be right in my wheel house. It’s a podcast about the horror genre, film specifically, and it isn’t afraid to look at every and all sub-genres of horror. Why is it then that I came away from The Splattercast with very negative feelings? Content is king folks, but a podcast can’t just cover a topic that interests me, they need to fully engage with said topic in a thoughtful manner. In this area The Splattercast is an utter failure, and I ended up feeling like I wasted my time.

Early in the first episode of The Splattercast that I listened to one of the hosts started talking about objectively good films versus objectively bad films. To be honest, the moment this line of thought was entertained there was little to no chance of me liking The Splattercast. I view everything about movies as completely subjective. From the way a film is lit to how an actor reads his/her lines the world of film is completely subjective and dependent on how the viewer interprets what they see or hear. Objectivity has no place in my cinema, one man’s crap is another man’s gold, and vice-versa. That being said, I’m not opposed to people taking the objective stance, but it is a way of looking at film that bores me in how it closes off discussion. Knowing that at least one of the hosts was viewing the films he was watching in an objective way made the conversations rather boring because one can not argue with objectivity.

When I truly began to turn against The Splattercast wholeheartedly was in the final episode I listened to. The hosts were discussing the Witchboard series of films. Problem was that for each of the three films any number of the hosts didn’t bother watching the actual films being discussed. That upset me, but I could live with the oddness of the hosts of a podcast not bothering to watch the movies they were reviewing for said podcast. I could not, however, live with the hosts leveling criticism at films that they did not watch all of. Jeff flat out admitted that he was doing stuff while Witchboard was playing in the background. He further stated that he would only look up at Witchboard when he felt something important was happening. This was followed by another host, I believe DJ but I could be wrong, declaring that Witchboard III: The Possession was a terrible movie right after he admitted he had turned the movie off after twenty five minutes and never bothered to finish it. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but when a podcast is willing to pass judgment on a film and the people who made it I think they should at least finish the film so that the hosts are passing an honest judgement. I was leaning towards throwing The Splattercast into the garbage, but after the reviewing movies they didn’t actually watch fiasco my lean turned into a definite toss into the waste basket for The Splattercast.

I really don’t have anything positive to say about The Splattercast. I can’t actually gauge whether they have interesting things to say about the films they watch. Their opinions and critiques have already been compromised by not bothering to watch all of the movies they are passing judgement on. I may think that The Player had the potential to be a terrible film, but I didn’t finish The Player and thus I can not give any critical judgment to the final product since I did not actually partake in the final product. The hosts of The Splattercast don’t seem to think this matters. I do think this matters, and that’s why The Splattercast is not a good podcast and is one that my readers can easily unsubscribe from.

The Bottom Line



4 responses to “Podcast Review: The Splattercast

  1. Thanks for checking out our show, Bill. We know it’s definitely not for everyone. It’s true, we did not pay rapt attention to the Witchboard movies. The reason? Those movies are pretty much terrible, a fact which becomes clear early into their runtimes. So we cut our losses as viewers and durdled around with other stuff.

    I’m not exactly claiming that it’s a high-minded scheme to intentionally subvert podcasting conventions – but it kind of is, at this point. We’ve been at it for so long that we enjoy playing around with format and expectations. When we talk about *good* movies, the discussion takes on a more traditional shape. We’re always excited to engage with a quality film. Bad films, however… we have just arrived at a place where we are not interested in wasting a lot of effort on a “serious” discussion of a random C-grade title. We find it more fulfilling to riff on those movies and get pretty irreverent. That has become part of the identity of the show, and I think it’s working for us.

    Thanks again,
    Jeff S.

  2. Obviously you guys have found a formula that works for you, and your listeners. I said this recently to someone else, but I do really believe it to be true, I am but one small fish in a big pond. While your podcast didn’t work for me that doesn’t change the fact that it’s working for you and for a lot of other people.

    Your goal obviously isn’t to please just one person listening to your show, but the majority of people listening to your show, and most importantly yourselves. In that respect me not liking your podcast is a minor trifle, and the lone opinion of one person stacked against the may opinions of the people who do enjoy your podcast. Keep doing your thing man, you enjoy it, and really that’s all that matters.

  3. Wow…blast from the past…I use to listen to the Splatter Cast a few years ago but got sick of the self promotion for their home-made films and of topic discussions. I do appreciate that they have been doing it for a long time and have prob drained the well so to speak but other podcasts have been running longer and continue to put out good podcasts.

    Another issue I had was the growing arrogance of Matt, one of the speakers. Fuck that guy comes across as full of it in most of the podcast and started to ruin the flow for me. As stated i haven’t listened for a while but I’m sure it the same dribble about shit we don’t care about and further self promotion on their home made productions that no one has seen or cares about.

    Prob one of the most cringe worthy and negative podcasts in the horror community.

  4. I wasn’t a fan, as the review can attest. To be honest though, the further removed I am from listening to the podcast, the less I remember of it. Very forgettable I guess.

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