Podcast Review: Cold Case Cinema

Another podcast with an interesting premise that ends up being wasted!

Cold Case Cinema

The Gist

Cold Case Cinema has been around since April of 2011. The premise of the podcast is a fantastic one, every week the hosts watch a movie that airs on the cable station Turner Classic Movies they they have never seen. Basic discussion of a film every week is as far as the podcast goes, but with such an interesting premise the show doesn’t need any extra bells or whistles. Cold Case Cinema is a part of the Dead Lantern Podcast Network as well as the Drunken Zombie Podcast Network. The usual group of hosts are Tony, Bryan, and Mat.

Episodes Listened To

#24: Floods Of Fear
#25: It! The Terror From Beyond Space
#26: The Plumber

My Thoughts

Similar to the last podcast from The Dead Lantern Network that I listened to, it didn’t take long for me to develop major issues with Cold Case Cinema. It’s so disappointing that these issues developed, because I do absolutely love the premise behind Cold Case Cinema. That premise is never realized because I wouldn’t call what Cold Case Cinema does an actual look at unseen films from Turner Classic Movies. In order for the premise to be fulfilled the hosts would have to fully pay attention to the movies they watched and provide more than a plot synopsis.

Take episode 24 for instance, in which the subject was Floods Of Fear. Right off the bat I was turned off by one of the hosts, Tony, who in the middle of describing the issues he had with Floods Of Fear admitted that he was only half paying attention to the movie while perusing Facebook. I know this is two weeks in a row now that I have levied this complaint against a podcast, but it is a serious no-no for me when it comes to film related podcasts I consider worth taking the time to seek out and listen to. There are so many film related podcasts in the podosphere, and if you aren’t willing to actually pay attention to the film you are reviewing then why should I choose your podcast over any other film related podcast. For that matter, why should I bother listening to what the hosts have to say if they haven’t even bothered to pay attention to the movie?

The other aspect of Cold Case Cinema that didn’t work for me was the basic structure of each episode. More time is spent on describing the plot than giving actual thoughts as to why a movie did or did not work for the hosts. The episode about It! The Terror From Beyond Space was even worse, as it was a lot of joke telling and plot synopsis with a minimal amount of thoughts on the quality of the film. I’m sorry, I know I sound harsh, but podcasters and film critics, I do not care about the plot of the film. I am not reading or listening to you so that you can give me all the plot details. I want your thoughts on the film, I want discussion to be had, questions to be raised, and my brain to get a work out. Cold Case Cinema did none of those things, but it sure did let me know the plot of every movie discussed.

I don’t have anything positive to say about Cold Case Cinema. It’s surely not the worst podcast I’ve ever listened to, but it leaves me with nothing to take home from the positive realm. Cold Case Cinema wastes a tremendous premise, in face I would love it for another podcast to take the premise behind Cold Case Cinema and actually explore the films in the way they deserve. Chalk up Cold Case Cinema as another podcast that doesn’t bother to really discuuss the films outside of plot details. While you’re at it chalk Cold Case Cinema up as another podcast one can easily unsubscribe from.

The Bottom Line



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