Podcast Review: Fat Guys At The Movies

I’ve seen a lot of fat guys at the movies, and yeah, that’s as much pithiness as you’re getting out me for this post!

Fat Guys At The Movies

The Gist

The hosts of Fat Guys At The Movies are supposed to be Kevin Carr and Neil Miller. In the episodes I listened to however only Mr. Carr was around, with a different guest host on every episode. The show is built on the tried and true premise of two critics discussing movies, although in the episodes I listened to it was one critic and guests who may or may not have been critics. The weekly episodes of Fat Guys At The Movies clock in usually at around an hour and a half. The podcast is a part of The Fat Guy Network, but on iTunes you can subscribe to individual shows, which is always nice. The format of the show consists of a few different elements. An opening segment features reviews of some new movies hitting theaters. There is a sprawling middle segment where there’s not much of a focus, but it always ends with the Fat Guy Five where the hosts present a top five list based on some sort of topic. There’s also a box office segment where the weeks totals are discussed and the hosts look ahead to the box office for the upcoming week. Finally, the DVD Roundup segment is brief discussion about some of the movies being released on DVD the week the episode is scheduled to air.

Episodes Listened To

#233: Diego And The Donkey Show
#234: Oh, I know What Furries Are
#235: Probe’s A Great Game

My Thoughts

The biggest issue I had with Fat Guys At The Movies is that it doesn’t stand out in any way from the rest of the film related podcast world. The discussion of film isn’t that in-depth, and the films discussed are usually of the mainstream variety and new releases to boot. The hosts, or host as the case may be, was certainly pleasant enough, but Kevin Carr never offered a level of criticism that made me want to hear him say more on a subject. The best correlation I can draw to Fat Guys At The Movies is that of the local television morning talk show movie segment. There is movie talk to be found in such a place, but it’s typically middle ground with nothing of any real substance to be said. Fat Guys At The Movies is very middle ground, not tackling any tough issues in film or going in-depth with its reviews, it is strictly surface level.

I can see people liking Fat Guys At The Movies because of the amicable nature of the host/s. Again, this ties into the morning television show correlation. Mr. Carr, and the guest hosts, certainly were amicable. They all sounded like very nice guys and I’m not here to say anything bad about them as people. However, an amicable personality can only get a film related podcast so far without content to back up the host/s. In that respect Fat Guys At The Movies is sorely lacking, as amicable as Mr. Carr is he can’t make up for the lack of interesting or in-depth discussion in Fat Guys At The Movies.

Fat Guys At The Movies isn’t a terrible podcast, I’m sure a lot of other people like it and I wouldn’t question them on that for a second. I am not most people however, and when cutting the chaff from the world of film related podcasts Fat Guys At The Movies is a podcast that is easily cut and cast aside. There are far more interesting film related podcasts in the world of cinema. Most importantly there are quality film related podcasts that won’t make a statement like, “Salò was torture porn before torture porn ever existed” without bothering to discuss the matter a little. Fat Guys At The Movies isn’t interested in that sort of discussion, but since it’s the type of discussion that interests me I wasn’t interested in Fat Guys At The Movies. I say my readers can go ahead and unsubscribe from Fat Guys At The Movies, if you really need the level of criticism found on this podcast save yourself the effort and seek out a television morning talk show for some background ambiance.

The Bottom Line



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