Podcast Review: Horroretc Podcast

My search for more great film related horror podcasts to recommend to you has now reached Canada, that is scary all on its own!

Horroretc Podcast

The Gist

As the tease said, the Horroretc Podcast comes at its audience from up north in Canada. The hosts of each weekly, anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours, episode are King’s Town Ted and Anthony D.P. Mann. The main focus of the show is on horror films, but it is a podcast that will venture into other areas of horror like comic books, television and video games. Most episodes focus on some sort of theme, personality, or specific set of films. That’s not to say that every episode has a focus, some episodes are simple attempts to discuss a deluge of ideas and issues from the world of horror. The podcast has been around for about four years and is one of the most well known and respected horror podcasts going today.

Episodes Listened To

#211: Just Talking Horror
#212: Serving Up Some Cannibalism
#213: The Thing About Fincher

My Thoughts

I can see why Horroretc Podcast is one of the most well respected horror podcasts in the podcasting world. There are no attempts to seem niche or outside the bubble of popular culture on Horroretc Podcast. Nope, this is a podcast that wants to talk about horror in the same way that people talk about great literary works. They approach the topic of horror with respect and by doing so they show their audience respect as well. They present intelligent talk to their audience and in turn that helps their audience to better engage in the points being made.

The two hosts are very amiable and they very clearly well versed in film in general, horror specifically. I never had any problems with the hosts as just a pair of guys. I didn’t have any issue with the way they presented themselves or the way they spoke to me as an audience member. The show also features high level production values, it never sounds amateurish and that is always a plus.

I was instantly enamored with the sort of discussions that the guys were engaging in on Horroretc Podcast. For instance, in episode 212 their discussion of cannibalism was all over the place and I liked that. Not only did they go in depth on the way cannibalism has been presented in many horror films but they used the subject as a way to springboard into other areas. The positive aspect that I took away from Horroretc Podcast the most was their ability to say interesting things about a topic within horror while also branching off into divergent, but just as interesting, trains of thought.

Based on what I’ve written so far it’s going to surprise you when I say that I ended up being not all that thrilled with Horroretc Podcast. In episode 213 I didn’t like the way the conversation went at one point and it made me reevaluate some of what I had originally liked about the show. I didn’t always find myself agreeing with the hosts, but that’s okay. I don’t seek out film related podcasts in the hope of agreement. I am searching for new film related podcasts simply because I want to be present for interesting, or funny, discussions about film. At first I thought Horroretc Podcast was giving me the content I desired, but by the time episode 213 was finished I knew I wouldn’t continue listening to the show.

What happened in episode 213? First, the hosts took to task a guest who had been on episode 211. He had at one point stated that he did not like the new sadistic trend in horror and he used Se7en as an example of a terrible film that helped spawn this trend. I didn’t agree with him, but Anthony seemed to agree with him, if not about Se7en at least he appeared to be in agreement about disliking the new trend in horror. Fast forward to episode 213 where Anthony, Ted, and another guest host stated how much they disagreed with the previous guest and basically said they thought he was crazy. This bothered me because at the time of episode 211 Anthony stayed quiet and agreed with what the guest was saying. If I can’t trust him to stand up and disagree with a guest when he does disagree then that makes me less willing to trust what he has to say as a host of a film related podcast.

The other big turning point in episode 213 was the groups discussion of Fight Club. Specifically when they brought up how an early edition of the DVD contained an inside booklet with quotes from all the negative reviews. They followed this up by saying the booklet was a commentary on how all those people had missed the point of Fight Club, and the hosts agreed with this sentiment. I really dislike the “you don’t get the point” argument, it’s a slap in the face of anyone who happens to hold an opinion that opposes yours. I really like Fight Club, but I allow for other interpretations. In fact I allow for the hosts, and guest, of Horroretc Podcast to have their interpretation even though I disagree with the way they read Fight Club (this isn’t a Fight Club review, but if you are interested in my thoughts go seek out the review I wrote a couple of years back). By taking the “you missed the point” track the hosts cut off all discussion, how can anyone bring up an opposing opinion when if they do all it means is that they missed the point?

I wrote a lot about Horroretc Podcast because even though I had major problems with the podcast I enjoyed facets of the podcast a lot. Right now my verdict is for everyone to unsubscribe from Horroretc Podcast. However, I probably will return to Horroretc Podcast at some point in the future. It could potentially be a great podcast. That being said, I can’t judge potential, and maybe I’m missing the point, but what there is right now I can’t keep listening to.

The Bottom Line



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