Podcast Review: The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s morning radio!

The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast

The Gist

Around since 2005, The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast is as its title suggests a radio show that is also released as a podcast. It’s based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, although because of it’s nature as a syndicated radio show it can be found in a number of different markets. The lone host of each hour and a half episode is Dan Guiterrez, but The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast isn’t really a lone host show as he is often joined by guest hosts, call-in listeners, and other people. The format of the show is a quick recap of the current top five at the U.S. box office, some random reviews, listener call-ins, a segment or two with a guest, and a theme based top ten that is voted on by the listeners.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: The Directors Cut takes on Moneyball
#Unknown: The Directors Cut vs. 50/50
#Unknown: The Directors Cut takes on Footloose

My Thoughts

There are two places in this world that I think are real world equivalents of hell. One is the message boards for the popular Internet Movie Database. I’ve rarely visited the various boards that make up the IMDB message board community in all my years as a movie fan. The reason is simple, those boards house a collection of idiots, trolls, and miscreants that is unequaled anywhere else on the internet. The second equivalent of hell is any morning FM radio talk show. I used to listen to them a lot, they were a regular part of the car pool drive to work for a good three or four years of my life. This was before I discovered there was a device like the iPod, and needless to say I loathed those mornings. Morning FM radio talk shows are full of everything I hate about the radio. Out of nowhere music to try and somehow stay true to their FM roots, stupid commercials, random sound effects all the time just because the producer has a god damn sound board, and hosts who make every second with them painful. These are the two real world equivalents of hell, trust me, avoid them at all costs, it’s the only sane thing to do.

Why do I speak of these two very special hell’s in relation to The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast? I do so because if the IMDB message boards got together with an FM morning radio talk show and had a baby it would be The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast. It’s the worst of both hell’s, and if something is the worst of hell then that means it’s really freaking excruciating. It’s hard for me to begin describing my problems with The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast, they are so many and all so different. Suffice to say when I had finished listening to the three episodes I felt significantly less intelligent and like I had just wasted too much of my life with something useless.

To keep my diatribe simple, I’ll stick with just a few examples of why I disliked The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast so much. First off there was the Moneyball episode, which featured a recurring theme of Dan Guiterrez taking potshots at another radio show host. What this had to do with movies I don’t know, where I was supposed to glean enjoyment from the repeated shots I’m not sure. What I do know is that with each petty shot and juvenile barb I lost interest in what I was listening to and I lost respect for the host. Criticism of a peer is one thing, but pot shots in an attempt to seem edgy, that’s not something worth my time.

The biggest disappointment when it came to The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast was its idea of film talk. It’s supposed to be a radio show devoted to discussion of film. I didn’t need the show to talk about a specific type or film or genre of film, but I wanted the show to actually talk about film! In a given hour and a half episode the time spent talking about movies is somewhere around the thirty minute mark. That leaves an hour for random bullshit, cracks at other radio show hosts, unfunny jokes, soundboard tinkering, and anything else one can think of that does not involve movies. I listen to the podcasts I listen to because I want to hear people discussing, debating and having fun with film. The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast isn’t all that interested in discussion of film, at least not as much as it is in its host saying he hates indie music and then following that up an episode later, in the Footloose episode, devoting time to sucking up to an indie music artist who is in the studio. That type of pandering morning FM talk radio stuff bores me to tears when it isn’t driving me up the wall and it has nothing to do with movies!

The limited time when The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast does delve into the world of film discussion I was underwhelmed. The 50/50 episode saw Mr. Guiterrez continually referring to Anna Kendrick as Anna Kendricks without a hint of irony of intentional humor. That by itself isn’t all that bad, it’s actually fairly nitpicky by moi. However, that sets the tone for all of the film discussion to be found in The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast. The Footloose episode had a lengthy, and again boring, call-in about the 2011 version of The Thing wherein the host kept referring to John Carpenter’s The Thing as the original Thing. I don’t expect the hosts of a film podcast to be the smartest of the smart when it comes to knowing movies. I do however expect a tiny bit of knowledge. Not knowing that Kurt Russell was in Mr. Carpenter’s The Thing along with not knowing that Mr. Carpenter’s The Thing was in fact a remake of The Thing From Another World is emblematic of someone who doesn’t have the level of film knowledge necessary to be putting on a podcast about film.

I’ve said way too much and I have devoted too much of my time to The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast. It’s an abysmal production no matter if the format is podcast or radio. There’s nothing here for the serious movie buff, the casual movie fan, or someone looking for a cool show to listen to. I suggest that you avoid The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast like the plague and unsubscribe. One of the show’s tag lines is that the show is, “better than listening to dead air.” I beg to differ, I would rather listen to five hours of dead air than listen to five minutes of The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast, that’s simply too hellish of a proposition for me.

The Bottom Line



4 responses to “Podcast Review: The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast

  1. Eh, don’t have to tell me that the IMDB message boards are garbage.

    Looks like the comments section works. I’ll go comment on some of you previous articles today.

  2. Cool, look forward to reading your thoughts. ūüôā

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