Podcast Review: Drunken Zombie

Another horror podcast, at this rate most of my podcast reviews will be of the horror variety!

Drunken Zombie

The Gist

Drunken Zombie is, I believe, based out of the Peoria, Illinois area. The episodes are supposed to be an every week occurrence, but as is often the case with podcasts the hosts have lives and thus the podcast doesn’t always meet that mark. Said hosts are Bryan, Wes, Uncle Randy, and Dave. Each episode clocks in anywhere from an hour and forty five minutes to nearly three hours. The format of this member of The Drunken Zombie Podcasting Network is very loose, but in essence each episode follows the same structure. There is a random talk segment, a listener feedback section, and a main topic segment devoted to some sort of horror media (usually a movie).

Episodes Listened To

#146: Take Two
#147: Film Festival Wrap Up
#148: Homicidal

My Thoughts

I’m not going to have a lot to say about Drunken Zombie. I didn’t vehemently dislike the podcast, but I didn’t find much to like about the podcast either. To be fair the show and myself got off on the wrong foot when the first segment of the Take Two episode was thirty five minutes of the guys talking about how drunk they were at the finale of the Drunken Zombie Film Festival. I’m not the type of guy to get drunk, but I’m not a prude who is against people getting drunk. That being said, I’m not interested in spending over a half an hour hearing about the drunken adventures of a group of guys. That segment set the tone for the sort of meandering talk I could expect from Drunken Zombie on the whole, and I was never able to form any sort of connection to the podcast.

For the purposes of this column the film talk portion of Drunken Zombie is quite small. They do talk about movies, but even when they do a giant portion of that is the much dreaded plot description. The hosts of Drunken Zombie don’t seem to be interested in truly diving into the films they talk about, and while I am interested in that it’s their podcast and I’m not going to tell them how to run their podcast when they are so clearly having a lot of fun presenting their podcast in the way they want to. That being said, I didn’t have any fun with Drunken Zombie and that’s why I was happy when these three episodes were completed.

One large issue that I had with Drunken Zombie that has little or nothing to do with forming a connection to the podcast was length. Even in a day and age where car rides into work can break up long podcasts I felt every minute of Drunken Zombie’s routinely lengthy episodes. The show felt like a chore to get through because of how long it was, and that is not something I can easily forgive. Long podcasts are not a problem, but podcasts that feel their length are a big problem for me.

I give Drunken Zombie a lot of credit for putting out the podcast they want to. I give them even more credit for their film festival that is a bastion of hope to aspiring horror filmmakers around the world. I can not give the hosts of Drunken Zombie credit for putting out a podcast that I enjoyed listening to and that is what matters most to me. There are plenty of horror aficionados who enjoy and will enjoy Drunken Zombie, but this was not the podcast for me. My advice is to unsubscribe from Drunken Zombie, I didn’t form a connection with the podcast and the lack of enjoyment I took from the podcast as a result of that is why I shall not be carrying on with Drunken Zombie.

The Bottom Line



2 responses to “Podcast Review: Drunken Zombie

  1. A review for Drunken Zombie… Thanks Bill. Even though you said unsubscribe, we are still going strong and reached over one million downloads on many of our episodes. So, if you will go back and give us another listen. You might find something you like and remember, here at Drunken Zombie that zombies drink for free. Massive!

  2. I’m sure you guys have your audience, and as I alluded to obviously you’re doing something right to still be around and have so many people listening. The episodes I listened to didn’t really click with me, but maybe in the future I’ll give the show a listen again.

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