Comcia Obscura Marathon: Rebuttal: Road To Perdition (2002)

I’m gonna show you how the Irish get things done!

As per usual, in order to get a grasp of what I’m responding to, read what Edgar had to say about the movie at Between The Seats.

There’s a saying in my family, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!” I have no idea what the hell that means, I have no idea why my family ever adopted that saying. Sure, we’re Irish, so we’re tough, but we’re never going anywhere or doing anything. We live our lives and get on with them day by day. Where the tough get going in that scenario I haven’t a clue. My family has a lot of sayings like this, and I’ve never actually thought about it before but most of them are freaking ridiculous. Not only do they not apply to my family as its structured today but they probably didn’t apply to my family in the past either. What does all of this have to do with a discussion of Road To Perdition, specifically Edgar’s review of Road To Perdition? I haven’t a damn clue, but I started typing and by golly as the saying goes in my family, “when you start something you better well finish it!”

As for your rebuttal, well, Edgar, there is one sentence that I can supply that would encapsulate all of my feelings about said review. But I’m not going to do that, and why am I not going to do that? Well, I’m not going to do that because I have a chance to write down some words and waste some time in a long winded fashion. I don’t know what I’m going to waste my time on, I don’t really have much on my mind today. I could talk about hockey, but that’s been upsetting me lately, stupid injuries and bad play. I could talk about international football and how Team USA just failed to qualify for the upcoming Olympic games. But frankly, I’m still too miffed about a team with the resources they have screwing up that badly. I could talk about the movies I’ve seen recently, but I already have a column for that. I could just keep talking until the post reaches the five hundred word mark, but let’s be honest, no one wants that. I have nothing to talk about, and it’s all your fault Edgar!

You see, your review of Road To Perdition was well written and it echoed my thoughts in every way. You wrote so splendiferously about a film that I love that I have nothing to offer in the way of a rebuttal. As I read your review I found myself grinning and silently nodding as word after word went from the computer screen to my eye balls and finally to the recesses of my brain. What can I offer in response to a review that voices my opinion of the film so completely? The options were twofold, and I’ve just about exhausted option one and most likely wasted a lot of people’s time with my inane drivel in the form of long winded stream of consciousness writing. That only leaves the second option, and since I’ve reached the five hundred word mark it’s about time I give you what I should have given you from the start. Edgar, my finely dressed Canadian friend, I give you my rebuttal in the form of one sentence.

Edgar, I agree with everything you just said, great stuff!

Go and read Edgar’s rebuttal at Between The Seats, why don’t ya!


3 responses to “Comcia Obscura Marathon: Rebuttal: Road To Perdition (2002)

  1. I figured these rebuttals we would have to think outside the box. My original plan was to write a brief text in which I some sentences provided links to You Tube clips that either demonstrated the opposite of what I was saying or used film clips to illustrate my words.

    One my ideas was to comment on your sentence that elaborated on the friendship between Hanks and Newman’s characters by showing A Predator clip with Schwarzennegger and XXX meeting up (Dylan, you sonavabitch! +manly, muscular arm shake). Another would have been about how your review was a a knockout, which would have sent you to a clip showing a kid kicking a soccer ball, the ball hitting the post and ricocheting onto the goalies face. The more I got into to, the more it seemed pretty elaborate and required a lot of work for something that would only concern a single person so I dropped it and just wrote the rebuttal as if I had only paid attention to the opening paragraph of your review in which you discuss the ‘Road to Perdition’ blind buy on DVD. It still worked in an incidental sense because I do collect movies and I am a bit of a hunter when it comes to that stuff, so suddenly that became more important that the actual movie review.

  2. By XXX, I meant Carl Wheathers of course. Somehow I forgot the the dude’s name for a moment back there. Typed XXX as a replacement and actually posted the comment before verifying the actor’s name. How’s that for an April Fool’s joke?

  3. Yeah, it’s almost tougher when we agree so much because there’s not much to work with from the respective reviews. I can only write that I agree so much before it gets old, but luckily both of us were able to make this weeks entries fun, if nothing else. 🙂

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