Podcast Review: The Film Programme

A second film related podcast from the BBC, I had no idea!

The Film Programme

The Gist

I’m not sure how long The Film Programme has been around, but it’s been around for a few years at least I think. I do know however that every week the show produces a half hour episode hosted by Francine Stock, a TV and radio presenter in the United Kingdom. The Film Programme is a radio show for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Each episode is of the interview variety, either one long interview or a series of shorter interviews.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Lars von Trier on New Film Melancholia
#Unknown: Woody Allen
#Unknown: Tilda Swinton, Julia Leigh & British Film

My Thoughts

As I began to listen to The Film Programme I was instantly reminded of Elvis Mitchell’s podcast and radio program, The Treatment. The interview style employed by Francine Stock reminded me very much of what I have come to expect from Mr. Mitchell. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Miss Stock was not an actual critic. She is, in fact, a presenter along the same lines of Simon Mayo. Despite her lack of a critical background she comes across as very knowledgeable about film and her guests. The Treatment comes into play the most in Miss Stock’s ability to ask probing questions of her guests and to make her guests engage her in lines of dialogue that are spontaneous and enlightening.

The Film Programme isn’t a clone of The Treatment, that bears keeping in mind. Mr. Mitchell interviews one subject for a half an hour while offering critical thought about the rest of their work. Miss Stock doesn’t critically analyze her guests or their work but she explores what makes them tick as artists. With her more famous guests Miss Stock doesn’t let them coast through the interview process. Miss Stock probes the guests with questions about their creative process, what drives them as artists, how people view the body of their work, and more. She brings her guests into the interview fully so that it’s more of a conversation than an interview and that is refreshing. Miss Stock also looks at interesting ideas like the state of British film, or the current trends in foreign cinema, and so on. She brings on knowledgeable guests for her “topic” interviews and has discussions with them that are as informative as they are relevant.

I do believe that a friend of mine, Melissa Tamminga, has long been a fan of The Film Programme. I wish I had listened to all of her praise these few years I’ve been friends with her. The Film Programme is a fine podcast, offering the type of interviews with those in the film business that are almost never dreamed of in America at this point. Miss Stock is an engaging host who gets the most out of her subjects and provides, week after week, a highly stimulating auditory experience for her audience. If you aren’t already then all of my readers definitely should subscribe to The Film Programme. Add The Film Programme into the mix with The Treatment and there’s a chance you’ll never be able to listen to any stock interviews ever again, and that can only be a good thing.

The Bottom Line



5 responses to “Podcast Review: The Film Programme

  1. Glad you found the time to check it out and especially glad you liked it so much! Francine Stock is really great – love the surprisingly direct questions she often asks.

  2. This is a wonderful program. I thought I was the only one following it. I agree on “subscribe”!

  3. Melissa- Francine Stock is really great, I’m continually impressed by the questions she asks and the way she frames said questions.

    Jessica – You’re definitely not the only one. 🙂

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