Podcast Review: HomeVideodrome

An odd title for an ordinary podcast!


The Gist

Around since September of 2011, HomeVideodrome is an offshoot of The Midnight Movie Cowboys and The Film Thug Movie Show podcasts (as of my review the podcast does not have its own website and is being housed on the website for The Film Thugs Movie Show). Hunter Duesing and Jim Dirkes are co hosts of those respective podcasts and they are the hosts for this weekly podcast. Each episode clocks in at about an hour to an hour and a half. The format is a breakdown of some highlighted DVD and BD releases for the given week surrounded by talk about random topics, film and otherwise.

Episodes Listened To

#10: Hell Awaits, Joe Paterno
#11: Lillian Gish on Ice
#13: Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

My Thoughts

The first episode of HomeVideodrome that I listened to was an hour long and twenty of those sixty minutes were spent discussing movies in some way. I’m not the guy producing, or hosting, HomeVideodrome, and they by all means have every right to discuss what they want to discuss. I am someone looking for podcasts related to the world of film that interest me, and I like when those podcasts spend the majority of their time discussing the subject of film. The next two episodes were more focused on film, but even then there was too much pontificating on non-film subjects for my liking.

The main issue I had with HomeVideodrome was that it was too plain of a film podcast, with very little in the way of depth. When they did discuss a new DVD/BD release they generally said one or two sentences before moving on to the next release. In that small of a time frame the hosts never had a chance to draw me into their discussions. When a film is dismissed so easily, whether they were positive or negative about a film, I have a hard time wanting to hear what else the hosts have to say because I can’t get a grasp on their film sensibilities.

The one time where they did devote a lot of time to one film, Super 8, was also the one time where the hosts put forward a way of looking at movies that doesn’t jive with me. It was in the Lillian Gish episode, and the hosts both expressed a dislike for Super 8 and its type of film making. That in itself was not a problem, the problem popped up when both hosts said that audiences reacting as positively as they did was a sign of the bad times movies are currently in. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad time for movies, there are always bad movies, great movies and everything in between. It all depends on what movies you are watching and if you are allowing yourself to watch a wide variety of films. I don’t have any issue with the hosts making the argument they did in the sense that I disagreed with their argument. Rather it is an issue of my sensibilities and outlook on film not matching that of the hosts and thus not making me keen to seek out future episodes, or their writing, etc..

I didn’t hate HomeVideodrome, nor did I find it to be actively bad. It’s a simple case of a podcast failing to impress me and not making me want to come back for more of what the hosts have to offer. Heck, I even found that the obnoxiousness I found in Jim Dirkes in his other podcast, The Film Thugs Movie Show, was tempered somewhat in HomeVideodrome. However, I still didn’t find enough interesting in the podcast and my movie sensibilities did not match up with that of the hosts. I say to unsubscribe from HomeVideodrome, but trust me there are far worse podcasts out there in the film world.

The Bottom Line



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