Podcast Review: Cinema On The Road

My usual way of traveling the world through movies consists of going to Germany to say hi to Uwe Boll!

Cinema On The Road

The Gist

Jhon and Seema are the hosts of Cinema On The Road, a relatively new film related podcast. Every month, or couple of months when life gets in the way, an episode of Cinema On The Road is published. Each episode is usually around an hour and a half in length. The premise of the podcast is a great one, a travelogue of the world through the veneer of film. Each episode focuses on a different country by way of the hosts talking about two films from said country. Usually one film is recent and the other film is somewhat older. The show also features an occasional “what we’ve been watching” segment, and as of late has had a dictation segment where the two hosts talk about a pair of films that they dictated to one another or that were dictated to them by listeners.

Episodes Listened To

#10: India
#11: Best Of 2011
#12: Colombia

My Thoughts

The best aspect of listening to Cinema On The Road is the way that the hosts tie the movies they are talking about into different film movements or other films in general. This is an aspect of film criticism or discussion that is of great interest to me. One reason it interests me is because I know that it is an area where I often fall short. I’m good at talking about a movie in a self-contained way, but I struggle to relate the film I am talking about to the larger world of film. The hosts of Cinema On The Road, Jhon and Seema, do not suffer from this critical failing. With every film they talk about they make reference to some other film movement or other films. This is very helpful because it allows me to look up other films that may interest me, or to discover different film movements and the films from said movements that interest me. Jhon and Seema paint a larger picture of a film when they are discussing it, and I greatly appreciate that perspective of film criticism.

The dynamic between Seema and Jhon may be the most interesting aspect of Cinema On The Road. Jhon is the younger of the two and he brings a youthful mentality to the podcast. He’s not always enthusiastic, but the way he reacts to films is often a representation of his more youthful observations about the films. Seema, on the other hand, is slightly older (in the interest of my good health she is by no means old, let me make that clear) and she brings a more seasoned approach to discussing film. She draws from her life experience and from her changing views on film over the years to present a more caustic and worldly take on film. The way that the two hosts discuss film brings a nice variety to the podcast so that even when they agree, which is quite often, they agree from very different perspectives.

Variety is also present in the films that the show discusses. Whether for the main travelogue feature or the “what we’ve been watching” segment the films discussed on Cinema On The Road are never of the garden variety type. I love when podcasts expose me to films that aren’t the most buzzed about. I don’t believe that Jhon and Seema seek out obscure films, but it so happens that their collective taste in film is on the less trod path. I like this approach to a film related podcast, there are so many film related podcasts that tackle mainstream films and mainstream issues. It’s always a breath of fresh air when a podcast is willing to look beyond the mainstream and truly deliver a wider selection of films to hear about and discover.

The technical side of things is the lone area where I have issues with Cinema On The Road. It’s problematic to listen to the show through ear buds because the show uses an audio presentation where Jhon is in one ear and Seema is in the other ear. I’m not sure why, but I find the one ear experience a wee bit distressing and odd. There are also some times within an episode where the audio becomes scratchy, but this didn’t happen more than twice and never for longer than a minute or so in the three episodes I listened to for this review. To be fair neither of these issues are major problems, to solve the audio issue I listen to the podcast on my computer for instance, but for the sake of balance I felt the need to include them. (Also, since writing this review the audio issue has been cleared up and both hosts can now be heard in both ears).

Suffice to say Cinema On The Road is a podcast that I think everyone should subscribe to. I know for a fact that not enough people listen to this podcast. Trust me people, Cinema On The Road is a unique podcast that discusses a fresh variety of films and a pair of amicable hosts who share a great dynamic are behind the wheel. It may be in the infancy stages but Cinema On The Road is already a podcast worth paying attention to and a podcast that is a must listen. I can’t travel the world, but but with Seema and Jhon traveling the world of film is a great monthly excursion.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I have known both Seema and Jhon for a few years now. We’re not best friends or anything like that, but we are friends. That didn’t color this review, it would be dishonest of me to not give my true feelings on their podcast. To tell the truth anytime I go into reviewing a film or a podcast done by someone I am friends with I dread the experience. I’m always worried that the film or podcast won’t be up to snuff and I’ll have to be the bad guy and let my readers know my opinion on the matter. There was no bias present in my review of Cinema On The Road, but I’m all about getting everything out in the open, so that’s that.*

The Bottom Line



5 responses to “Podcast Review: Cinema On The Road

  1. Thank you so much for such a kind review, BT. Also, after hearing from several listeners about the audio thing, we’ve finally fixed the audio issue in the last couple of episodes.

  2. No problem, thanks for all the great episodes. And I made sure to include the addendum about the audio issues, wanted to make sure people knew they were cleared up. 🙂

  3. You’ve fixed the audio thing? Great. Then I’ll give it a chance again. It made me dizzy. I couldn’t listen to it.

  4. The audio is definitely fixed, shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore. 🙂

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