Review: Far Cry (2008)

Oh Uwe Boll, where did you lose your fun at?

Written By: Michael Roesch, Peter Scheerer, & Masaji Takei
Directed By: Uwe Boll

After five minutes of Far Cry I was very disappointed in what I was watching. For most people this would have been a typical reaction to an Uwe Boll film. For me my disappointment was rooted in the awesomeness of the first five minutes. Unnecessarily violent deaths, incredibly horrendous dialogue, generic set designs, and a camera that seems to always be in the wrong place. Those are trademarks of a great Herr Boll film, but sadly they disappeared after the first five minutes. Occasionally Far Cry would have a moment or two that hearkened back to the opening five minutes, but those moments were fleeting and what was left was a lot of boredom.

When Herr Boll is at his worst he is attempting to be serious, but almost as bad is when he stops trying to be batshit insane and opts for a decidedly normal approach. Far Cry has a whacked out opening five minutes, but the rest of the film is very normal. That’s what makes the flashes of Herr Boll absurdity hard to stomach, they stand out so much next to the inane normalcy of the rest of the film.
The innocuous nature of Far Cry can’t be pegged on the actors, or on anyone else involved in the production. Uwe Boll is the lone person at fault for the failures of Far Cry. He is a director that is capable of making insane movies that are fun, cheesy, and horrendously bad in the best of ways. With Far Cry he has made a film that is stock, mundane, restrained, and bad in a way that made watching the film a chore. I know most will disagree with my primary assessment of Herr Boll, but I know what the man is capable of. I know the fun I can have with his movies, and it pains me that outside of random moments Far Cry was nowhere near as fun as it should have been.

I hate when I feel like I’ve wasted my time watching a film, but that is the feeling I leave Far Cry with. I didn’t enjoy myself, I wasn’t entertained, and the film failed to offer me any of the zany antics I have come to know and love in the best Uwe Boll films. Far Cry sits on the screen, unwilling to be more than a cookie cutter action film, and that is far from what I want and expect from an Uwe Boll film. Most people won’t bother with Far Cry as it is, but still, Far Cry is not an Uwe Boll film worth seeing.





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