Podcast Review: Movie Meltdown

Taste matters just as much in the podcasts one listens to as it does in the movies one watches!

Movie Meltdown

The Gist

Around for about four or so years, Movie Meltdown is a weekly podcast with episodes that are usually two plus hours in length. The hosts, they come and go during the three episodes I listened to, are Jay, Marlena, Greg, Fred, Bryan, and Misty. The show doesn’t have a format in the context that I generally use that word when describing a film related podcast. Instead, the hosts talk about whatever movie related topics they think of, and sometimes include a discussion of a specific movie. They also venture well outside the realm of exclusively talking about movies and talk about any topic in the world that catches their fancy.

Episodes Listened To

#163: Being a Movie Geek… It’s in the Blood
#164: Bring me the Leg of Angelina Jolie
#165: The Creature Called Oscar

My Thoughts

There are some podcasts that click with me right away. There are some podcasts that take time to grow on me. There are some podcasts that I immediately know are terrible. There are some podcasts that I know after a few minutes aren’t for me. Movie Meltdown is not a terrible podcast, it didn’t click for me right away, nor did it ever grow on me. It came down to the simple fact that try as I might I did not like the tangential discussion style employed by the hosts of Movie Meltdown.

It may seem like an easy dismissal, but sometimes enjoyment of a product comes down to something easy. I found myself bored a lot while listening to Movie Meltdown. By the third episode the podcast had become a chore to slog through. The hosts may have been saying interesting things by that point, but I had already checked out and nothing they could say was about to bring me back. The discussions the hosts engaged in were hampered by the discussion style they employed. Every time it seemed like someone was about to have an in-depth discussion on a topic another host would cut in and a new tangent would start. This was frustrating to me, and my frustration only mounted with each passing minute until I finally realized I wasn’t clicking with the show.

I know I’ve said in the past that I like my film related podcasts to be free of a strictly formatted segment style. I also don’t like the opposite end of the spectrum where there is no format whatsoever. That style, as employed by Movie Meltdown, caused the hosts to blend together because there’s no chance within the discussions for them to distinguish themselves. I don’t have anything objectively negative to say about Movie Meltdown. The hosts all came across as nice people producing the podcast they want to make. I am not their audience, and I’m not about to suggest they change their style to suit me. However, as far as my listening goes I’m not going to keep listening to a show that doesn’t fit my sensibilities. Movie Meltdown is a better fit for others, but for me it’s definitely one to unsubscribe from.

The Bottom Line



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