Podcast Review: On Cinema

A podcast short enough to easily forget!

On Cinema

The Gist

On Cinema has been around since November of 2011. Each weekly episode runs around three to five minutes long. The lone host of the podcast is Tim Heidecker, although in the episodes I listened to he was joined each and every time by Gregg Turkington. Each week Mr. Heidecker picks a movie to talk about in the form of sketch of sorts.

Episodes Listened To

#22: Kramer vs. Kramer
#23: Saving Private Ryan
#24: Trinity and Beyond

My Thoughts

Much like On Cinema itself, I am going to keep this review very short. I am not a fan of Tim Heidecker, although I’ve never seen his main claim to fame Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. I have been privy to his appearances on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang, and that is where my dislike of his comedic style began. I simply do not find Mr. Heidecker funny in any way. He always manages to drag down every episode of Comedy Bang Bang that he is on. With that being the case it shouldn’t be surprising that I didn’t really care for On Cinema.

I’ll be honest, On Cinema is so short that it didn’t leave any sort of impact on me. I don’t hate the show because it is easily forgettable. Mr. Heidecker uses the show for a quick snippet of a sketch that I didn’t find funny. Fans of Mr. Heidecker will no doubt get a kick out of On Cinema, but I am not a fan and I found myself bored. The episodes were short, so it certainly didn’t hurt me to listen to them, but On Cinema is not a comedy film related podcast for me. I say unsubscribe from On Cinema, unless you’re a fan of Mr. Heidecker, then enjoy away.

The Bottom Line



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