Postulating & Pontificating: Pulling Back The Reigns!

Changes are afoot at the blog!

I’ve been on a pretty good run at the site. It’s been a while since I had a day where I didn’t have some sort of post published. Sadly, that trend will not, and cannot, continue. I’d love to be able to write all the time for this blog, but that is simply not feasible. Changes will be coming to Bill’s Movie Emporium, and they are a necessity.

I don’t get paid to write, I every once in a great while get a screener sent to me to review, but that is the extent of the pay I get for all the content I put on the site. To that end I work three different jobs and put in anywhere from sixty to eighty hours of work time a week. I also have a wonderful wife, a fantastic daughter, a cool dog, the best cat ever, and a whole host of other animals. In short, I have so much going on in my life that it’s harder and harder to find time to watch movies, and even harder to find time to write about them.

Don’t worry, Bill’s Movie Emporium isn’t going anywhere and there still will be some regular content. I have a large backlog of podcasts already reviewed and waiting to be published every Wednesday in the sites Podcast Review feature. I still plan to have all future Sunday’s occupied by the now traditional This Week In Cinema feature. There won’t always be a Postulating & Pontificating post on a Friday, this is where my busy schedule not allowing me the time to write comes into play for the first time.

However, I know the main reason people check out Bill’s Movie Emporium is for my reviews. Those will still be presents, just not at the clip of a review every non-feature day. I’ll post full length reviews when I have the time to watch a movie and dedicate a full length review to said movie. Some weeks I may be able to produce reviews on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Other weeks I might only be able to get a movie review out on a Tuesday, and some weeks there probably won’t be any reviews at all.

But, there will still be reviews and there will still be content. I’ll still be posting reviews for any number of marathons, and special projects like my personal favorite Splatter Time Fun Fest. I’m genuinely glad that anyone takes the time to read my blog, and I want to make sure that those who take the time to read my writing are apprised of what the future holds. I’ll still be here, I’ll still be writing, just not as often and with nowhere near as much frequency as I’ve been able to pull off in the last few months. Either way I look forward to where the road will take this blog, and thanks for being along for the ride.


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