Podcast Review: Paleo-Cinema Podcast

A podcast about movies from yesteryear, or a few years ago in this case!

Paleo-Cinema Podcast

The Gist

Terry Frost is the lone host of the Australian based, Paleo-Cinema Podcast. He does usually have a guest on with him, but as far as official hosts go he’s the lone cowboy on this range. Each episode of Paleo-Cinema Podcast is around an hour long, and the premise of the podcast is discussion about movies that are at least twenty five years old. The usual structure of an episode is a what we’ve been watching segment followed by the main review (or reviews) and a final feedback segment. Paleo-Cinema Podcast has been around since 2007.

Episodes Listened To

#96: The Alfresco (Partly) Podcast
#97: The Valley Of The Pleasure Seekers.
#98: Phantom Lady Panics In The Streets

My Thoughts

The host of Paleo-Cinema Podcast, Terry Frost, is a nice guy and he clearly has a voice for radio. He’s also a gent who is knowledgeable about film and I like the premise of his podcast. That being said I was never drawn into Paleo-Cinema Podcast, my interest was always being drawn somewhere else. That doesn’t mean that Paleo-Cinema Podcast is a bad podcast, but it wasn’t a podcast for me. When I was done listening to the three episodes for this review I knew I didn’t want to keep listening but at the same time I could sense why other people do like the show.

When Mr. Frost offered up his thoughts in the main review segment I was interested in what he had to say. At the same time I wasn’t invested in what he had had to say. I know that sounds like a paradox, but it sums up the dueling thoughts I have about Paleo-Cinema Podcast. The production values are top notch, the host is an amicable guy who knows his stuff, and I like the films that the podcast covers. All the same I had difficulty paying attention to the podcast and my attention was easily diverted. I don’t have much more to say about Paleo-Cinema Podcast, it’s a good podcast but it’s not the podcast for me. Instead of rambling on and trying to add filler to the review I’m going to leave it at that. I’m unsubscribing from Paleo-Cinema Podcast, it didn’t capture my attention like I thought it would. Maybe it will capture your attention, and I hope that it does, because while I didn’t find the podcast to have staying power there’s no reason other people won’t decide to stick with Paleo-Cinema Podcast.

The Bottom Line



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