This Week In Cinema: July 08-14, 2012

Ah, Hollywood, the only land where Presidents actually hold true to their word and kick ass at the same time!

Only one movie this week,

Air Force One (1997, Wolfgang Petersen. Germany/United States Of America) ***

So much of Wolfgang Peterson’s film is utterly ridiculous and stupid. Yet, so much of Herr Peterson’s film is fun as only the most ridiculous and stupid movies can be. Harrison Ford is a great President because he says almost nothing that is political, instead he grunts a lot and shoots a gun at the bad guys. Gary Oldman hams it up in the best way as a Russian baddie. The action is very well done, and it’s a lot of fun when it is framed in ludicrous fashion like the slow walk of a character leaving a prison turning into a dramatic action beat. It’s not a classic, but Air Force One is a good time and it gave me exactly what I look for in a movie of its ilk.


Only one movie this week, and that means it’s kind of meaningless but Air Force One takes home movie of the week honors. Until next week, watch more movies!



4 responses to “This Week In Cinema: July 08-14, 2012

  1. Adam sherlock

    This review feels familiar to The sentiments I made about Dead Poets Society. Sometimes cheese is delicious, even when it is the kind that you know isn’t all that good for you.

  2. Indeed, cheese is sometimes the most delicious type of food in the world. 🙂

  3. With Air Force One I just couldn’t wrap my head around the President doing all these things, so it didn’t work for me. I also felt Ford was getting too old for the action hero stuff, too. Sorry.

  4. Eh, I’ve fought dudes who were in their late 40s and still near the top of their game, so age wasn’t an issue for me. I also bought the President doing the things he did because I did feel that Wolfgang Petersen established his world as one where the President can do such things.

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