This Week In Cinema: September 02-08, 2012

Ah, another example of how being a Chicago Cubs fan is like being on the receiving side of an abusive relationship!

Only one movie this week, but that’s more than in recent weeks.

Catching Hell (2011, Alex Gibney, United States Of America) **1/2

In a perfect world I would have loved Catching Hell. As a Chicago Cubs fan it always hurts to relive the 2003 season, but I would have loved seeing an actual documentary about that year and its aftermath for the now infamous Steve Bartman. Unfortunately the director of Catching Hell, Alex Gibney, is a Boston Red Sox fan and that led to more than half of the film being devoted to the Boston Red Sox and the memorable 1986 World Series error by Bill Buckner. There is definitely a connection between the two events, but Mr. Gibney never truly forms that connection. Instead he uses this platform to present a half hearted documentary about the Cubs that he clearly did not want to make and a quickly mashed up documentary about the Red Sox that he really wanted to make. Catching Hell is uneven, unfocused, and does not cover the ground it should or put its attentions where they need to be.


Unfortunately I only watched one movie this week and that’s why Catching Hell is taking home movie of the week honors. Until next week, watch more movies!


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