Podcast Review: SophistiCult Cinema

A podcast that is all fancy and sophisticated about genre movies!

SophistiCult Cinema

The Gist

Every couple of weeks Jon Schnaars and John Shelton are the hosts of an hour or so long episode of SophistiCult Cinema. The idea behind the podcast, which is a spin off of a podcast I like a lot, Bloody Good Horror, is taking a look at films that fall into the not quite horror but not quite normal category of genre. Each episode features a main review followed by the hosts recommending some sort of media or art for their listeners to consume. SophistiCult Cinema is fairly new as it’s only been around since October of 2011.

Episodes Listened To

#10: “Martha Marcy May Marlene
#11: “The Hunger Games
#12: “Sleeping Beauty

My Thoughts

It was easy for me to slide into the conversations taking place during SophistiCult Cinema. Being a fan of Bloody Good Horror I had already been exposed to Jon Schnaars. While I like all the Bloody Good Horror guys I do find myself enjoying Mr. Schnaars brand of criticism a little more than the rest. SophistiCult Cinema brings the same content that I’ve come to expect from Mr. Schnaars, but it also adds in the intelligent musings of John Shelton.

I realize that by talking about intelligence I am playing into the main joke levied against Mr. Schnaars. But, the intelligence displayed during SophistiCult Cinema really is the main drawing point of the podcast. A great example is the discussion of Martha Marcy May Marlene that takes place during episode ten. At the beginning of the podcast both hosts are conflicted in their views on the film. But, they spend the episode talking the film out and bouncing ideas off of one another. By the time the episode is over the two hosts have a better grasp on their feelings on the film. One host didn’t seek to change the mind of the other host. Instead they had a simple conversation about the film where they explored the film and their thoughts on the film. That sort of openness and that type of thinking is something that I find always leads to interesting and engaging discussions.

SophistiCult Cinema may be new, but it’s already a very good film related podcast. I enjoyed my time with the hosts, and I enjoyed the type of films they were willing to cover. The production value was very high, and the format worked very nicely. But, beyond all of that I enjoyed the intelligent discourse that the hosts engaged in. I say that SophistiCult Cinema is a definite subscribe, and a podcast that I only see getting better as time goes on.

The Bottom Line



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