Podcast Review: Entertainment Docket

Another podcast based on a topic that does not interest me in the slightest!

Entertainment Docket

The Gist

Released on a weekly basis, each half hour or so episode of Entertainment Docket is hosted by Michael Stailey and Melissa Hansen. The podcast is essentially an entertainment news show. It covers film & TV news, box office numbers, what’s new on DVD/BD and in theaters, and new TV talk. Entertainment Docket has been around for close to seven years now, I believe, and it is a part of the DVD Verdict Presents… family of podcasts.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: For April 25
#Unknown: For May 7
#Unknown: For May 14

My Thoughts

I’m going to keep this review to one paragraph. I have nothing overtly negative to say about Entertainment Docket or the hosts of the podcast. I’m sure there are others who will dig their show, but entertainment news and a surface level approach to topics doesn’t interest me. Entertainment Docket is all surface, and its content is related to all the aspects of film that I don’t associate with good discussion. It’s well made, but it’s not a podcast I care to listen to. I say to unsubscribe from Entertainment Docket, it’s inoffensive, but it’s a podcast without the meat I crave in my film related discussions.

The Bottom Line



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