Splatter Time Fun Fest 2012: Slither (2006)

Splatter Time Fun Fest 2012 moves into the realm of gross out humor!

Written By: James Gunn
Directed By: James Gunn

James Gunn’s gore horror comedy doesn’t always hit the mark, but when it does it is uproariously funny. Surprisingly it is not the gore effects or even the horror elements that bring forth the most comedic moments in Slither. It is in the dialogue and the little character beats that Mr. Gunn’s film is at its funniest. The characters are tropes, they are walking clichés, but they are funny and the way they impart their dialogue upon the audience is very funny.

It certainly helps to have a lot of good actors delivering the witty moments of dialogue. Nathan Fillion doesn’t have a whole lot to do in Slither, but he manages to be as snarky and charming as ever when he is on screen. Elizabeth Banks and Gregg Henry are also solid in their roles, as is Michael Rooker in the limited time when he is actually himself. It’s the sum of the characters that makes Slither so much fun. It’s the little things, like when the sheriff, Mr. Fillion, survives a attack from a deer and tells the girl who saves him that when he tells the story it will be him that saved her from the ravenous deer. Slither is chock full of instances like that, and those instances are what make Slither such a great experience.

The gore in Slither is well done, actually it would be more apropos to say that the gore in Slither looks terrific. The creature effects are revolting and yet they have a realistically tangible quality to them. When a character is sliced in half and his guts spill out or another character has his head blown off so that a slug crawls out of his dome it looks fantastic and believable. The practical effects are gross and extremely gory, as well as affecting in their application. Goriness combined with believability is the true test of practical, and CG, effects, and Slither passes that test with flying colors.

Some of the funny moments in Slither aren’t all that funny, and the story is paper thin. Still, all things considered Slither is a really good horror comedy. It is gory in the best ways and its characters are fun to be around and watch interact. Most of all Slither is a lot of fun, and in a horror comedy if I had a lot of fun that means the movie was a success and a hive mind I am happy to have joined with for a brisk hour and a half.




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