This Week In Cinema: November 11-17, 2012

I make it a rule to never trust those who watch my every movement!

Only two movies this week,

Surveillance (2008, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, Canada/Germany/United States Of America) ***

Jennifer Chamber Lynch’s Surveillance is not an easy movie to swallow, but it is a film that gives one a lot to chew on. The first hour and twenty minutes of the film constitute a tense exploration of an incident and the people associated with said incident. The film isn’t seeking to say anything about the human condition, I don’t think, but it does expose some realities of the shortcomings of being human. The performances are strong in a surreal sort of way, and then the final twenty minutes take place and I lost some interest in what I was watching. The final twist is obvious and once it happens it makes all the following reveals feel pointless. I’m not sure why Miss Lynch felt the need for the twist ending, it certainly didn’t add anything to the picture. But, the twist is there and it does help to lessen what had started off as a very interesting film.

The Legend Of Mor’du (2012, Brian Larsen, United States Of America) ***

A cute animated short that comes on the BD of Brave. I liked the meshing of computer and hand drawn animation that takes place in this one. I was also fond of the legend that the short is about. However, The Legend Of Mor’du is not top level Pixar as far as their shorts go. It’s a nice little jaunt, a fun excursion if you will, but it never feels like it is more than that. If it were any other company that would be good enough, but even in their short films I expect more from Pixar. Still, a well made movie that one enjoys is not something to get too riled up over.


Two good, but flawed movies this week, Still, a movie with two movies of any quality is better than a week without any movies. Movie of the week honors go to Surveillance. Until next week, watch more movies!


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