Podcast Review: Reel Time

Started off strong, finished in the negative, which is very, very apropos!

Reel Time

I have a slight addendum to add to my review. Since the time I wrote this Reel Time has stopped producing new episodes or posting any new content to their website. It’s my understanding that Reel Time is done but that those involved do plan to retool and come back with a completely different film related podcast. But, I wrote this review and I’m not a believer in flushing my work down the drain, so here ya go,

The Gist

The brainchild of host Ty Landis, Reel Time has been around since the middle of 2011. Their isn’t much of a premise behind the podcast. Instead of adhering to a strict format Mr. Landis, and his usual co-hosts Deepayan Sengupta and Tom Stoup, talk about a few new releases, or a given topic on a week to week basis. The episodes are usually around an hour in length.

Episodes Listened To

#46: Olivier Assayas Spotlight
#47: The Cabin In The Woods
#48: Summer Movie Preview

My Thoughts

There are certain times in film discussions where I reach an impasse. The person I am discussing film with is knowledgeable and a lover of the medium. But, our way of looking at film, or maybe our tastes, are so different that the discussion isn’t fruitful. It’s rare that this has happened to me during the Podcast Review project, but Reel Time can join the limited ranks of not meshing with my film tastes.

At first I quite dug Reel Time. It was annoying that the connection for one of the hosts, Deepayan Sengupta, was so low quality that I had to strain to hear what he had to say. But, other than that I enjoyed the laid back and easy going nature of the podcast. The hosts interacted with one another in a fun and introspective manner that was refreshing. It wasn’t until the summer film preview episode that I began to develop problems with the podcast, problems that eventually made it impossible for me to continue listening to Reel Time.

The first major hurdle came in my film tastes versus that of the hosts. While it was clear that they love film and know their stuff, I disagreed with them on almost every single point they made. I don’t need to agree with other people about the subject of film. Variety is the spice of life after all, and that definitely applies to having a variety of film opinions to mull over. But, I need to have some common ground with the people I allow into my film world.

When it came to the hosts of Reel Time I ended up having no common ground. During their discussion about The Avengers I found myself shaking my head at all of their arguments. When they talked about Moonrise Kingdom I again found that I disagreed with just about everything they had to say. When I disagree with all aspects of your argument the discussions you bring to the table fail to interest me or engage me on a worthwhile level.

There was also a level of negativity that crept into the podcast that never gelled with me. Even when praising a film the hosts would search out things to be negative about. That negativity became draining and each new bout of negativity wore me down. Negativity is a part of film criticism, I understand that. However, I don’t like when a podcast looks for the negative to the detriment of the positive. That was the case with Reel Time and that’s why I knew I had to stop listening to the podcast.

Reel Time is a well made podcast (audio issues with Mr. Sengupta aside), and its hosts are gentlemen who know their stuff. That being said, it’s not a podcast that was rewarding. My film tastes differed too much from theirs and I ultimately had too many problems with the negative approach of the hosts. I’m unsubscribing from Reel Time, the impasse was reached and I am moving on.

The Bottom Line



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