Podcast Review: Off The Shelf

I’m always interested in what’s coming off the shelf and into my cart, even if that rarely happens these days!

Off The Shelf

The Gist

Early in 2012 Ryan Gallagher, the host of The Criterion Cast, made the decision to split that podcast up into a network of smaller podcasts. One of those podcasts is Off The Shelf, a periodically published look at new releases on BD and DVD from The Criterion Collection and every other DVD distribution company under the sun. The regular hosts are the aforementioned Mr. Gallagher, along with James McCormick, and Travis George. Each episode clocks in somewhere between a half an hour to an hour.

Episodes Listened To


My Thoughts

I don’t have a lot to say about Off The Shelf, other than that it is more time spent with a group of guys that I have come to enjoy very much. Misters Gallagher, McCormick, and George have developed over time into a well oiled machine of podcasting. I say that with a bit of a wry smile, but the truth of the matter is that the familiarity that the three hosts have with one another is certainly a boon to the discussions on Off The Shelf.

I think what I like most about Off The Shelf is how it’s a bite sized podcast. I mean that in an endearing way, and I’m mainly referring to the short nature of the podcast and the brisk pace at which the hosts discuss the new releases. They give their feelings on the releases that matter to them and they don’t clutter the podcast with mentions of releases that don’t matter to them. This allows the podcast to move along at a nice clip, while at the same time allowing for the hosts to give their thoughts on the films that interest them. I appreciated the way that Off The Shelf delved into the films and was willing to move right on to the next one in line in a quick fashion.

I don’t have any negatives to posit about Off The Shelf. I enjoy the time I spend with the hosts of this particular podcast. Off The Shelf is a lot like a leisurely stroll through the park. The sights are good, the journey is worth it, and it never feels too long or like a waste of time. That’s just a way of using some pretty prose to say that Off The Shelf is a podcast that people should subscribe to, it’s well worth it.

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