Podcast Review: The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast

Uh oh, title pending, that may not bode well…

The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast

The Gist

The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast has been around since October of 2011. The hosts are Chris “Tank” Tanski and Dan “Fogs” Fogarty. Every week they release an episode that clocks in around an hour to an hour and a half. The focus of their show is on new releases, with specific segments like the top 10 box office rundown, and a look at new trailers/releases. They also have a few different rotating segments, such as a top ten list based on some sort of film topic to close out an episode. The podcast doesn’t have a true website per se, but I included a link to a collection of their episodes through a podcast aggregate website.

Episodes Listened To


My Thoughts

All kidding aside as far as my opening blurb is concerned, The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast is a perfectly fine podcast. The hosts are amicable chaps who obviously enjoy talking about film. They have a great back and forth relationship that shined through in every episode I listened to. Tank and Fogs also have clearly defined film tastes, and while I often didn’t agree with their tastes, I appreciated that they came to the table with their tastes laid out for me to see. I didn’t find The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast to be an eye opening podcast, but it was well made and an easy listen.

The above being said, I found that I wasn’t super interested in The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast. This has a lot to do with my taste in film and what I am most interested in hearing about. I’m not big on new releases, and I keep the podcasts that I listen to limited when it comes to the subject of new releases. This barrier made it hard for me to get too interested in The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast. The podcast is good, and well made, make no mistake about that. But, when compared to other new release focused film podcasts it doesn’t bring anything all too special. And that’s fine for the hosts, I don’t think Misters Tank and Fogs are trying to make their show super special. They are a couple of friendly guys getting together to discuss movies, and that aspect of their show is handled really well.

At the end of the day my film tastes are what matter the most to me. I don’t have anything negative to say about The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast. The hosts are nice guys, the show has a nice flow to it, and I enjoyed the discussions the hosts engaged in. Still, my podcast time is limited and I don’t have any more room for another new release podcast in my queue. I wish all the best to Misters Tank and Fogs, but my vote is to unsubscribe. For others The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast will be a definite subscribe, and that’s why I don’t have anything negative to say about the podcast. It didn’t mesh with what I look for in a film related podcast these days, but that doesn’t mean that The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast isn’t a pretty good film related podcast that will work for plenty of other cinephiles.

The Bottom Line



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