Podcast Review: WTF Are You Watching?!

wtf are you watching?!

Another podcast tries to make its mark in the land of bad movies!

WTF Are You Watching?!

The Gist

The hosts of WTF Are You Watching?! are Lincoln L. Hayes and Kyle Anderson. The premise of their weekly podcast is that of covering the world of bad movies. Each episode clocks in around an hour and a half, and usually consists of a what we’ve been watching segment, followed by a main review. The podcast has been around for around a year, I believe, and it is a member of the Battleship Pretension Fleet (or network if you prefer that term more) of podcasts.

Episodes Listened To

#49: Dreamscape
#50.1: The Films Of John Carpenter
#50.2: The Films of John Carpenter Pt. 2

My Thoughts

In the interest of full disclosure, I listened to a few episodes of WTF Are You Watching?! after #50.2. The reason for that is simple, I enjoyed the two episodes centered on John Carpenter, but they were not representative of what the podcast is usually like. The John Carpenter episodes weren’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they had a nice flow to them and the hosts were able to bring original thoughts and ideas to the films they were talking about. However, a usual episode of WTF Are You Watching?! is not like either of the John Carpenter episodes, and that should tell you where this review is heading.

I didn’t have any big problems with Kyle Anderson or Lincoln L. Hayes. The problem was that I could never get an idea of either hosts film personality or taste. The approach they took in episode #49, and the other episodes I listened to after the fact, was very lifeless and droll. Each episode moved along like another boring day at the office (if I still worked in an office that is). I wanted energy, I wanted humor, I wanted to understand why Mr. Anderson and Mr. Hayes liked bad movies or chose to watch bad movies. I was never given any of that, and what I was given was not something I enjoyed listening to.

I can’t go at the hosts for not being funny, because much like most podcasts about bad movies they mainly did plot descriptions in lieu of actually looking at the film and why it was so funny or so bad. I know I’ve said this many times before, but podcasts about bad movies need to do more than tell me about a scene and then tell me that said scene was funny because it was so bad. I can get that by watching the movie myself, and being given nothing but plot description is not a reason I would ever choose to listen to a podcast.

I probably wouldn’t have been overly positive about WTF Are You Watching?! even if all the episodes I listened to were like the John Carpenter pairing. Those two episodes were passable, but they weren’t the type of discussion that would draw me in week after week. The other episodes I listened to of WTF Are You Watching?! were too dull, boring, and droll for me to want to keep listening. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Hayes sound like nice enough fellows, but their podcast is not a podcast for me. My vote is to unsubscribe from WTF Are You Watching?!.

The Bottom Line



2 responses to “Podcast Review: WTF Are You Watching?!

  1. Adam Sherlock

    I would just say that anyone who thinks Dreamscape is a bad enough movie to review it for your bad movie episode would be reason for me to unsubscribe. I love Dreamscape.

  2. Ha, I’ve actually never seen Dreamscape, but you can join the ranks of the cinephile friends I have who have told me it’s a pretty good movie.

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