Podcast Review: The Newsstand

the newsstand

I used to frequent a newsstand at the local mall all the time. Ah, those were the days!

The Newsstand

The Gist

Released on a varying schedule, although the podcast seems to have settled into being a monthly affair, The Newsstand is an offshoot of The Criterion Cast. The hosts of The Newsstand are Ryan Gallagher, Travis George, and James McCormick. The average episode is around an hour long, and The Newsstand has only been around for around six months or so. The premise of the podcast is that it covers random news topics from the world of independent, foreign, and arthouse cinema. This includes discussions centered around what new releases certain respected independent DVD/BD distribution companies have announced. However, the podcast is not afraid to discuss any news topic within the spectrum of the film world.

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My Thoughts

I wish that I had more to say about The Newstand, but sadly I don’t have a heck of a lot to say. That’s not because The Newsstand isn’t a well made podcast, nor is my lack of talking points due to my not enjoying The Newsstand. I have already written kind words about The Criterion Cast and Off The Shelf, and since The Newsstand features the same collection of hosts I have nothing more than the same positive vibes to pass along. Yes, I enjoyed The Newsstand greatly, but how many more ways can I say that I enjoy listening to James McCormick, Ryan Gallagher, and Travis George discuss the world of film?

As usual the hosts are amicable fellows, and the friendly tone they set shines through in every minute of every episode. They also know their stuff, but at the same time they aren’t afraid to go on tangents and ponder about the things they don’t know. They relay the news they are covering in an easy to understand manner while offering valuable personal insight at the same time. The attitude of The Newsstand is very welcoming and that creates an atmosphere where it feels like all aspects of film are enjoyed and will be talked about if the conversation steers towards any given topic. I’m not really a news man myself, but I enjoyed The Newsstand, and that should tell you something.

I know that I haven’t written a whole lot abut The Newsstand, but honestly what I have written is the most I can write without repeating myself to a sickening degree. The Newsstand is a podcast worth listening to, it is a podcast that gets an easy subscribe vote from me. If you have any interest whatsoever in the news from the independent, foreign,and arthouse side of film then The Newsstand is a valuable podcast to add to your queue. The brass tacks of the matter are that I enjoyed listening to The Newsstand and I think most of my readers will as well.

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