Monthly Archives: February 2013

Podcast Review: This Week In Sleaze

this week in sleaze

Sleazy is as sleazy does, or something like that!

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This Week In Cinema: February 17-23, 2013


My creative process is nowhere near as draining, that probably explains why I’ve never been all that creative!

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Podcast Review: Japan On Fire

japan on fire

I think Japan would have a problem being on fire, but I may be at a cultural impasse!

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Review: Out Of Sight (1998)

out of sight

If there’s one thing I will never be it is out of anyone’s sight!

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This Week In Cinema: February 10-16, 2013


Trekking across China and Russia on a train does appeal to me, oddly enough!

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Review: United 93 (2006)

united 93

There are no words that I could put there that would do justice to this film!

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Review: eXistenZ (1999)


A video game, a dream, reality, or the worst nightmare possible?

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Podcast Review: Meet The Filmmaker

meet the filmmaker

I can think of many filmmakers I want to meet, Bow Wow is not one of them!

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This Week In Cinema: February 03-09, 2013

this is england

National identity is a very dangerous thing, but growing up is even more dangerous!

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Review: Gentleman’s Agreement (1947)

gentleman's agreement

When you need someone to root for, Gregory Peck is the man to call!

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